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Friday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Alex Malzone and Tyree Kinnel visiting this weekend

The FRR updates you on the latest in Michigan football recruiting. In this edition, we take a look at some players that will be in Ann Arbor this weekend, a breakdown of what Alex Malzone's skills, an offensive lineman has set his official visit date, and LaVert Hill picks up an offer from Tennessee.

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Kinnel and Malzone, possibly Weber, visiting Michigan this weekend

While it doesn't appear to be a huge recruiting weekend for the Wolverines by any means, they will be visited by a handful of their current 2015 commits.

We already know that quarterback Alex Malzone will be there with a few of his Brother Rice teammates, most notably three-star wide out Grant Perry, but it now looks like defensive back Tyree Kinnel will be making the trip up to the University of Michigan, according to his Twitter account.

So there's two commits that are planning on coming, but according to 247's Steve Lorenz, there is a chance they are joined by one more to make Saturday a commit power trio visit.

If running back Mike Weber decides to join in, Michigan's 2015 recruiting class will be well represented at the game. Both Malzone and Weber are fairly local, so they should be at multiple games this year.

Alex Malzone Recruiting Rewind

We talk a lot about Malzone in these roundups for a variety of reasons, but something we don't do too often is break down film and talk about what we see. Maize n Brew's newest member Jeff Yuan has us covered there.

Yuan took a look at Malzone's junior year highlights and pulled a variety of things away from it. Here's a snippet of what he thinks the 2015 quarterback brings to the table:

When you watch a 10-minute highlight reel, you aren’t exactly going to get drops and air mail. Every throw is on target, but what stands out is Malzone’s ability to consistently lead receivers, particularly on several out and post routes. [0:32] is a lot in what you want to see in a throw: a strong step forward, feet set, low trajectory with speed but high enough over a leaping linebacker, dropping nicely in a tight window and the receiver having to do nothing else but to secure the catch and go.

He also looked at some things that Malzone should work on before he hits campus:

Release is a tricky thing. To me, I don’t care how it looks coming out (every quarterback coach cringes), as long as it’s quick. Malzone often cocks back with a baseball-like wind up that inherently takes longer. His film suggests this is something he’s actively working on, but sometimes reverts to old habits. At [5:35], the football starts down near his waist and goes full circle before his release. The velocity bails him out, but the game only gets faster at each level. He won’t have that kind of time forever.

There's a lot more in his full article, so be sure to take a look at that here.

William Sweet sets official visit date for UTL3

Let me preface this bit a news with this: If any recruit takes an official visit to Michigan this year, it's about 99.9 percent likely that it will take place on the weekend of Oct. 11 for the Under the Lights III game against Penn State. This has been a huge recruiting weekend for the program for the last few years. With a weak home schedule this year, this is the game everyone is circling.

One of the several players in attendance will be 2015 offensive lineman and North Carolina commit William Sweet (Jacksonville, Florida), according to ESPN's Gerry Hamilton. The Wolverines extended him a scholarship offer back in April.

While he is a UNC commit, the 247 Crystal Ball has LSU in the lead with 38 percent of the predictions. Michigan does not appear to be a serious contender, but UTL3 could change that perhaps.

Hills picks up an offer from Tennessee

Four-star 2016 defensive back LaVert Hill (Detroit, Michigan) picked up his ninth scholarship offer on Wednesday from Tennessee, according to his Twitter account.

Hill holds an offer from the Wolverines and is considered one of their top targets at the position for the 2016 class. He is the brother of sophomore defensive back Delano Hill.

That's it for Friday. Check back in with us on Monday for the latest news and notes on Michigan football recruiting.

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