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Friday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Other schools trying to swoop in on 2015 commits

The FRR updates you on the latest in Michigan football recruiting. In this edition, some other national powers are trying to swoop in on a few 2015 commits. five-star offensive tackle Tommy Kraemer is offered, the Wolverines check in with Keisean Lucier-South, a profile on Brendan Ferns, and our very first MnB recruiting podcast.

Leon Halip

"Go away, these are our 2015 commits!"

The recruiting process is never officially over in a cycle until National Signing Day in February, but as we all know, that never stops schools from keeping in contact with recruits and trying to flip them before the deadline occurs. This happens often in recruiting and can be frustrating to both coaches and fans alike, but it is just the nature of 17 and 18-year-olds making life-altering decisions.

It's never official until they sign on the dotted line, so even verbal commitments are still considered open season by many coaches around college football.

One example of this is 2015 four-star defensive back commit Tyree Kinnel (Dayton, Ohio) who was offered by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish last night. I've spoken with him a few times and it has been very apparent that he is firm in his commitment to the University of Michigan, a sentiment that he shared with 247's Steve Lorenz.

Lorenz also spoke another 2015 commit, four-star defensive end Darian Roseboro (Lincolnton, North Carolina), who also is still receiving interest from other schools.

As I mentioned above, schools aren't going to stop recruiting talented players because they've verbally given their word to the program. Recruiting is a very fluid process with a lot of moving parts. If anything, it speaks to the talent Michigan is bringing in that other schools are still trying to flip their players.

At the end of the day I feel both of these guys are firm in their commitments to the Wolverines and there will not be any drama with them before National Signing Day.

Michigan offers five-star offensive tackle

The Wolverines keep adding to their 2016 offer sheet with the latest one going out to five-star offensive tackle Tommy Kraemer (Cincinatti, Ohio).

Prior to this offer, Kraemer had narrowed down his list of schools to Boston College, Duke, Northwestern, Notre Dame and Ohio State, with the ladder two at the top.

Steve Wiltfong of 247 asked him where the Wolverines fit now that they offered, to which he replied, "Not sure yet, I'll have to look into them some more."

You can check that piece out here.

Wolverines check in with KLS

Not much of an update on the status of five-star defensive end Keisean Lucier-South (Orange, California), but Michigan did check in with him on Thursday night, according to his Twitter account.

Lucier-South is one of the most talented prospects in the country, so it is no surprise all of these big programs are trying to keep in touch with him.

There has been a rumor going around that the Wolverines have slowed down on recruiting him, which doesn't seem to be the case seeing as they called this week and are still in touch with him. Many schools are recruiting him as an outside linebacker, whereas Michigan is looking at him at defensive end.

Lucier-South has stated a few times the position he plays really doesn't matter, and even if he did consider himself a rush linebacker, I don't believe Michigan is in a position to really say no to him. He is one of the best pure pass rushers in the 2015 class.

We'll see what happens with him, but I do think Oklahoma has become a team to watch here. His official visit there last weekend looks like it went really well.

Michigan and UCLA are still the two schools to beat for him. The Wolverines will get their chance to impress him during his official visit to Michigan on Oct. 11 for the game against Penn State.

The Elder Ferns speaks about his two talented sons

Michael Ferns Sr., father of Michigan linebacker Michael Ferns and 2016 linebacker prospect Brendan Ferns, spoke to Allen Trieu of Scout about the relationship his two sons have and what it would be like for them to be playing at rival schools. (FREE)

Brendan has been offered by both of Michigan's rivals, the Spartans and Buckeyes. Here is what dad had to say on that:

When the whole thing about Ohio State came up, Michael came out and told Brendan, if that’s where you’re happy, that’s where you need to play. And that’s the kind of relationship they have. I think it’s different. I think it’s hard for people to understand. I don’t want to take anything away from the rivalry, but when you pick a college, it’s almost like picking a job to some degree. If you can somehow make the analogy for people who don’t experience it to somehow relate to it.


What fans have to understand is these children have to do the best for them. You and me and the guy down the street, we’re not the ones who have to sit in that locker room 320 days out of the year so they really have to do what’s in their heart and if one of them’s at Michigan and one of them’s at Ohio State or one’s at Michigan and one’s at Michigan State, that’s just how it has to be. Like any parent, you don’t go to the game and says they watch the game is a liar. They watch their kid. That’s just the way it is. I leave games, I can never tell you the score. I can tell you what Michael or Brendan did every play. I just don’t get concerned with the dynamic of it.

The Maize n Brew Cast: Recruiting Edition

Fellow MnB staff member Joshua Henschke and myself decided to put a microphone in front of our faces and do a special half-hour recruiting podcast on Thursday night. We give a broad overview of what's going on in the recruiting world, talk about what's next for the 2015 class, and much more in this edition of the Maize n Brew Cast.

If you'd like to give that a listen, check it out here and don't hesitate to give us feedback in the comments below!

That's it for Friday. Have a good weekend and join me again Monday for the latest in Michigan football recruiting.

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