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Darian Roseboro taking official visit to NC State this weekend

In an interesting development, it is being reported that defensive end commit Darian Roseboro is taking an official visit to NC State for this weekend's game against Florida State

Leon Halip

Four-star defensive end Darian Roseboro (Lincolnton, North Carolina), one of Michigan's committed players in the class of 2015, will be taking an official visit to North Carolina State this weekend, according to 247's Steve Lorenz. ($)

Roseboro tweeted last night that he was headed to Raleigh, North Carolina, which led to some speculation on what what going on. Lorenz was able to confirm this morning that he was headed there for an official visit.

This creates an interesting conundrum for the Michigan coaching staff. In the past, Brady Hoke has held a firm "no visit policy," meaning that if a player visits another school after pledging to the Wolverines, they are no longer considered a commit and their spot is now up for grabs.

It does not really seem like this staff is in a position to tell a player he's no longer a part of the class considering the way the season has started. With that being said, it would be a bad look if they went back on their policy and didn't stick to their guns. This is a rough spot they find themselves in.

It remains to be seen what the impact of this visit will be, seeing as there were no indications that it would take place. Just a few weeks ago, Roseboro affirmed his commitment to the school after receiving phone calls from other schools, including the likes of Alabama.

All of the players in the 2015 class seem pretty firm with their commitments, but with the way things have started on the field this year for Michigan and the media circus that has gone on recently, there certainly could be an impact. They've brought in a lot of talented players, so schools may consider Michigan's struggles as open season.

We'll continue to monitor this situation closely.

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