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Wednesday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Craig Dunaway fires back at internet tough guys

In this edition, the father of a recent commitment fires back at commenters on MGoBlog. Also, Tony Butler is offered, a 2016 target high on Michigan's board plans a return visit and Robert Washington will make a college choice this weekend.

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Michigan received its first 2017 commitment over the weekend in the form of tight end Carter Dunaway (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan). There is not much out there on him at the moment and he is an unranked prospect, so naturally there are doubters out there, especially since he is a legacy commit.

His brother, Jack, will be a walk-on defensive end this fall, while his father, Craig, played tight end for the Wolverines in the 1980s under Bo Schembechler.

With forums and message boards, the internet can sometimes be a negative place for feedback and criticism. Craig Dunaway saw some of this in regards to his son from posters on MGoBlog and decided to chime in.

As the least objective person on the board...

It's been quite an experience reading these comments.

I thank those who've shared kind and welcoming words (YoOoBoLloBaugh, True Blue Grit, The Mad Hatter, et al.). And I appreciate those who acknowledge he still has two more years of high school to show more tangible merits (True Blue Grit, bronxblue).

I also like the comments from HateSparty. (Or maybe I just like typing HateSparty. HateSparty.)

I understand those who doubt and question an offer to unproven talent (Danwillhor, The J Davis 1, pescadero). I realize you only have the best interests of the program in mind.

To those who attribute Carter's offer to his legacy status (HarBooYa, Big Mike), I hope you realize that's just not the case. If that's all it took, brother Jack wouldn't be dipping into his 529 plan, as WolvinLA2 also points out.

And to those concerned about the dearth of offers, please understand if Carter didn't love Michigan so much, he would've looked around and collected who knows how many others. Instead, he's avoiding the strain of the recruiting process, staying close to home and going to school with his brother.

The truth is there aren't a whole lot of 6'6-1/2" 233# 16-year-old kids who can run and catch out there. And that happens to be exactly the type of kid Jim and Jay Harbaugh want playing TE.

Sure, Carter's lucky he's so big. He knows that. One of the first things he said after getting the offer is that it didn't seem fair he would be offered and his brother wouldn't, even after all Jack has accomplished.

He's lucky to have camped at Michigan, and had so much exposure to the program while his brother was being recruited. But he also knows that means he's got to work harder now than ever before. He's got a target on his back that opponents and even Michigan fans will see every time he takes the field. It will only make him better.

If you haven't met Carter or seen him play, I hope you get that chance soon. If not in the next 2 years, then in 2017 or 18, or whenever he gets to enjoy the privilege of playing for the greatest team in college football.

Go Blue Forever

Tony Butler offered by Michigan

Michigan has extended a scholarship offer to 2016 defensive back Tony Butler (Lakewood, Ohio), who is currently committed to Pittsburgh.

Butler is a three-star prospect and the 58th ranked cornerback in the class, per the 247 Composite.

Bush plans return visit to Ann Arbor

Class of 2016 linebacker Devin Bush Jr. (Hollywood, Florida) will make a return visit to Ann Arbor on June 14 with his teammate, safety Devin Gill, according to Wolverine247.

Defensive coordinator DJ Durkin has made both prospects a priority, recently traveling to Hollywood to meet with the two prospects.

Robert Washington committing Saturday

Four-star 2016 running back Robert Washington (Huntersville, North Carolina) tells me he will be making his college decision this Saturday at 3 p.m. at Ascending Faith Church in Huntersville, North Carolina.

The schools in the mix for his commitment are Michigan, TCU, UNC, Alabama, Florida and Syracuse.

Michigan seems like a bit of a longshot here since they have two running backs already committed for 2016 in Matt Falcon and Kingston Davis, but we will see what happens.