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Quick Analysis: What 2016 Tight End Sean McKeon Brings To Michigan

Taking a look at what the three-star prospect brings to Ann Arbor.

Michigan received its 13th commitment of the 2016 class in the form of 2016 tight end Sean McKeon (Dudley, Massachusetts) on Monday afternoon.

He is a three-star prospect and the 64th-ranked tight end in the class, according to the 247 Composite.

Tight end is a definite need as Jim Harbaugh and staff look to rebuild depth at a position they will rely on for production in the new offense. McKeon looks like he can be a valuable piece in the passing game.

At 6-foot-5, 230 pounds, he already looks the part of a college tight end. McKeon says that Jay Harbaugh told him that they see him as a Y or H-back in their system. He has the size to stay on the line and block, but also shows good athleticism in the passing game and actually has one of the faster recorded 40-times of any tight end in this class (4.65).

He certainly looks as if he can be a nice pass-catching target, as well. On his film, they have him running tight end screens, end arounds and more. He also shows the ability to break tackles and move the chains.

McKeon is a Harbaugh-type player. He plays with a toughness and chip on his shoulder that the new staff covets and he should be a good player for the Wolverines in time.