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Michigan Football Recruiting: 2016 DE Connor Murphy Dishes on Relationship with Harbaugh

Maize 'n Brew caught up with one of Michigan's biggest 2016 targets left on the board, Connor Murphy. He had a lot to say about his recent visit to Ann Arbor, and a whole lot more.

Tom Hauck-Student Sports

During Jim Harbaugh's stint at Stanford he produced a heavy load of future NFLers, including Trent Murphy, who currently plays for the Washington Redskins.

Trent's brother, Connor Murphy, is a 6-7, 250 pound, four-star defensive end, and is one of the most desired recruits left on Michigan's board.

Maize 'n Brew caught up with Murphy late Monday night.

"Coach Harbaugh and I have more of a best buddy relationship," Murphy said. "We even sock each other in the arm sometimes, we're pretty relentless."

Harbaugh visited Murphy's home last week, and added him to the list of sleepovers.

"When got there after midnight, my family and him stayed up until about 1:30 a.m. eating banana bread, drinking milk, and just talking," he said. "He slept in my six-year old sister's bedroom, so that was pretty funny."

Murphy said that Harbaugh :skipped out: on his math class because it's his least favorite subject, but attended his English class and was Murphy's writing partner.

"He walked the halls with me and everyone was trying to either take a picture or shake his hand," he said.

Harbaugh returned back to Murphy's home where they played some basketball, and he headed back home to Ann Arbor.

But they would meet again soon. Over the weekend, Murphy visited Michigan for the first time.

"Since my brother played in the Pac-12 and I live on the west coast, I've pretty much seen all of the schools I've visited before, but Michigan I was clueless about," he said. "I know it was rated the best college town, and it lived up to the hype."

The coaches on Harbaugh's staff that followed him from Stanford had met Murphy when his brother played for Stanford. He hugged it out, and spent most of his time with them during his visit.

"What stands out about Michigan the most is how good of a relationship I have with all the coaches," he said. "They're all great guys."

He also found out where Michigan wants him.

"They want me on the end, but also at the linebacker," he said. "They don't really have a guy my size at that position, so if I go there they plan on using me as a hybrid."

Murphy also called Michigan's signing day event, "Signing of the Star," something that has never been done before.

"Harbaugh told me it's going to be kind of like the Grammy's or the Oscar's with how they present every signee, they're all getting presented by superstars," Murphy said. "It just shows how much they care."

When all was said and done, Murphy said Harbaugh is what separates Michigan, and how everything he does is different.

"What stood out the most to me is what he told me about why they want me," he said. "(Coach Harbaugh) said they don't want me, they need me."

Murphy announces where he will play this fall on February 3rd. He is considering Michigan, Alabama, Oregon, Arizona State, and USC.