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Victor Viramontes Was Set to Join Michigan's Class Before He Committed to California

Viramontes informed Maize n Brew he planned to silently commit to Michigan following his Cal visit, then went silent.

Tom Hauck-Student Sports

Let's get right to it.

Three-star athlete Victor Viramontes (Norco, CA) has not been a part of Michigan's 2016 class for the past two months and was thought to be out of the picture, but last week, he let me know he planned to silently commit to the Wolverines following his official visit to Cal.

Instead, Viramontes committed to Cal on National Signing Day.

In December, Michigan fans were surprised to learn that Viramontes, who had become a fan favorite of sorts due to his name, versatility, and highlight reel, had decommitted from the Wolverines.

The rumors swirling around Ann Arbor were that Harbaugh wanted Viramontes, who could compete at quarterback, fullback, linebacker, or safety at the next level, to play a position that was different than the one where "his heart is at."

"My heart is at QB," he said. "But, if it came down to switching positions to play in front of 110,000 in the Big House, then that doesn't sound bad either."

All things aside, he left our first interview in January with this note.

"I love everything about Michigan," he said. "This is the best fan base."

After touching base with Viramontes a couple weeks later, I asked him how everything was going as far as his recruitment.

"Great news coming the third (Feb. 3)," he said. "I do not want to let anything out right now. I don't want it getting out, but I promise you that it's good!"

As our conversation went along, he confirmed the renewed interest from Harbaugh, who had been in contact with his father.

"I am going to silent to Michigan after this (Cal) visit," he told me. He was set to make the phone call when the visit ended.

I confirmed that his offer was committable, and he gave me the permission to tweet and report the info in the nature that I did.

After that conversation on Friday, Viramontes didn't respond to any of my attempted questions. I didn't pressure him to answer back. I just asked how things were, wished him a safe flight, and, with rumors swirling, gave my last hoo-rah to ask if he was going elsewhere.

He never answered.

I don't know what happened between last Friday and today. I don't know if Viramontes had a change of heart after his visit to Cal. I don't know if Michigan told Viramontes that his offer no longer was committable. In a scenario where they missed one of their targets today, perhaps there would have been room for him.

Wolverine247's Steve Lorenz did report on Wednesday that Michigan didn't send Viramontes a letter of intent to sign, so that may be a possibility. All I can write is that I didn't expect Viramontes and I to not be in contact in these final days after the messages we had exchanged in the prior weeks.

Recruiting can be extremely fluid at times and sometimes things like this happen.