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Bradley Jennings Jr. Reacts to Michigan Offer, Harbaugh Attending Migos Concert

The three-star linebacker spoke to MnB following his offer.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Jennings, Jr. is a 3-star OLB out of Jacksonville, FL. Jennings committed to Florida State back in December of 2015. Recently, he was offered by Michigan and had a lot to say about the offer.

"I think it's a really big offer," he said. "I'm excited to receive a offer from such a prestigious school."

Jennings is looking to get to Michigan this summer, too.

"I'm going to visit in the summer probably," he said. "I'm going to visit with an open mind. Even though I'm committed, I still want to view my options."

Jennings was vocal about his interest with the Wolverines.

"I'm very interested with Michigan," he said. "I'm interested in what they're building with their program. I think the coaches can help me reach my goals in football."

Jennings was also fond of Jim Harbaugh's media presence, including heading to a Migos concert.

"I think it's cool of him to go to a (Migos) concert," he said. "It's cool that he's always in the news."

Jennings, like current Michigan LB Devin Bush, is a legacy of Florida State. Of course, Michigan ended up landing Bush's father, Devin Bush, Sr. as a coach, but Jennings nonetheless could end up being another FSU legacy heading to Ann Arbor, along with Flanagan DB Stanford Samuels.

Jennings sees himself as a great fit in Michigan's defense, and is primarily being recruited by Michigan's LB coach, Chris Partridge.