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Rutgers Coach Chris Ash Copies Michigan Recruiting Tactic

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If you can't beat em...

The beef between the Michigan Wolverines and Rutgers Scarlet Knights continues.

First there was Rutgers coach Chris Ash setting up a satellite camp in New Jersey on the same day as Michigan, with Ash luring Urban Meyer into the fold presumably to lure recruits away from the other camp.

Now, Ash apparently is digging further into Michigan's big bag of tricks on the recruiting trail...

Aaron Bills is Michigan's director of football creative, and is heavily involved in UM's social media recruiting efforts. As you can see, Ash's post looks eerily similar to one Jim Harbaugh sent seven months ago.

We shall see if it helps Rutgers. As points out, Michigan picked up five of the top 10 players from New Jersey in its 2016 class. Rutgers? Zero.