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4* OL Kai-Leon Herbert Says Michigan is Doing a 'Phenomenal' Job In Recruiting

Maize N Brew spoke with the Top250 OL from Fort Lauderdale about why Michigan made his top 6 and what his plans are to see Ann Arbor.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Kai-Leon Herbert, a four-star OL from American Heritage, spoke to Maize N Brew about his top 6 that he released today via Twitter, and let us know why the Wolverines are high on his list.

When asked why Michigan was at the top of his list, Herbert said communication was a big reason. "I'm starting to feel wanted by the coaches and they have a lot to offer."

"Coach Drevno stressed the need for O-line. They are making me feel like a priority."

The 6-foot-4 tackle has offers from Florida, Miami, Tennessee, Auburn, and Mississippi State, among others.

American Heritage, where Herbert attends high school, was home to 2016 Michigan signee Nick Eubanks, and the familiarity between the two "helps a lot."

"Having someone I've played with and someone I'm comfortable with is a great thing."

Herbert says he speaks to four or five coaches regularly, and that's another factor making a big difference.

"They show me what my life after football can be." Herbert said. "I am just starting to feel really comfortable and good with Michigan."

Herbert said he plans close in on one school in his recruitment soon, saying, "I am planning for a summer time commitment, but of course I have to feel 110% ready."

He mentioned he plans to visit during June 17th and 18th, and says he will "definitely visit officially."