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Michigan's Spring Break Trip to Florida Cost Almost $350,000

Wolverines invested in new ideas.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of open records requests have led to a detailed breakdown of what the Michigan Wolverines spent on a spring break trip to Bradenton, Florida.

The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press each pulled the information from the school, finding a grand total of $348,553 for the trip.

It sounds like a lot, but with probably a little more than 100 people in attendance at a week-long camp, it's really not bad.

Michigan spent:

  • $107,148 on flights
  • $51,395 on ground transportation
  • $39,519 on per diems and some meals
  • $146,912 as a payment to IMG Academy, which hosted the team and practices
  • $3,580 on "other"
The trip, of course, was controversial in some parts of the college football landscape. Spring break trips could possibly even be banned at some point by the NCAA, but the funds spent will likely be more than worth it for Michigan in the next few years. Some fans might say it was worth it just to get under the skin of SEC and ACC coaches.