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Jim Harbaugh: "In my America you're allowed to cross state borders"

Harbaugh speaks his mind at Georgia satellite camp.

Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh was his usual candid self while speaking to the media at a satellite camp in Atlanta.

Harbaugh, sporting a Michigan hat and a Braves baseball jersey, lays out a few choice words for Alabama coach Nick Saban and defends the camps yet again:

"Somebody that has recently broken rules and has that in their history is lecturing us coaches on potentially breaking the rules," Harbaugh says in the above 11Alive video. "I thought it was a hypocritical act."

Then came the zinger.

"It's great to be in America. In my America you're allowed to cross state borders."

He did have plenty of kind words for players, saying he was "like a pig in slop" working with them.

"These guys, of any that I've seen in the country, they've got a real heart for football," Harbaugh says. "There's no doubt, this is as well as I've seen guys work."

Harbaugh then headed off for another satellite camp.