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Ranking updates from the new Top247: Michigan commit loses a fifth star

Chris Hinton dropped, but Trente Jones gained big in the latest rankings shuffling.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon, 247Sports overhauled their rankings for the 2019 class. Their Top247 had some serious changes to it, and Michigan had commits move in both directions. Overall, the class contains nine commits in these new rankings.

Trente Jones entered the Top247 with a bang, moving up more than 250 spots. People around the Grayson program continue to say he is as good, if not better, than his 5-star teammate and fellow tackle, Wanya Morris.

One player did fall out of the rankings, defensive end David Ojabo. He’s still considered a question mark since he has such little experience playing football. Instead of rocketing up the rankings like former teammate Jayson Oweh last year, he seems to be going the other way.

Here’s a rundown of how the rest of the class fared:

(These are only 247’s rankings, not the composite)

Daxton Hill - No. 7 (rose one spot)

There wasn’t much room for Hill to move up any further, yet he still received a one-spot bump.

Zach Charbonnet - No. 26 (rose 15 spots)

Charbonnet keeps flying up the ranks, and now sits in 5-star territory for 247, who each cycle gives out 32 5-stars.

Eric Gray - No. 85 (rose one spot)

247 already has Gray ranked higher than any of the other services, and found room to move him slightly up.

Chris Hinton - No. 104 (fell 68 spots)

Hinton has always been a candidate to fall considering he doesn’t attend camps and plays for a small high school where people don’t go to scout much. But it’s still disappointing he’ll lose his fifth star in the composite.

Nolan Rumler - No. 169 (fell one spot)

Nothing interesting for Rumler here, who is content with his Michigan commitment and hasn’t gone to many showcases.

Trente Jones - No. 197 (rose 266 spots)

Jones is easily the biggest benefactor of these new rankings, jumping solidly into the Top247. He’s always been talked about as being underrated, and now the rankings are starting to reflect his talent.

Giles Jackson - No. 224 (fell four spots)

Jackson is another prospect who moved significantly up the rankings once people started paying attention, but is correcting to where he’ll likely stay for the rest of the cycle.

Mazi Smith - No. 239 (fell three spots)

Nothing major for Smith, who just had a few guys pass him.

Karsen Barnhart - No. 246 (rose one spot)

Barnhart was barely hanging on in the last update, coming in at 247th exactly. Now, he slightly moves up to stay in the rankings.

Now, let’s take a look at some of Michigan’s big targets still left on the board.

Zach Harrison - No. 3 (fell one spot)

Not much for Harrison to do here, cornerback Derek Stingley just jumped up a few spots to nab his spot at second.

George Karlaftis - No. 11 (fell two spots)

Another casualty of being highly ranked and having nowhere to move but down. 247 is still the highest on Karlaftis by a good margin.

Kyle Ford - No. 17 (fell four spots)

Tearing his ACL means Ford won’t have a chance to prove his extremely high ranking.

Quavaris Crouch - No. 83 (fell 31 spots)

Crouch took a hard hit in the rankings, possibly as he starts getting looked at more as a linebacker than a running back.

Trevor Keegan - No. 172 (fell 60 spots)

Keegan is another who had a big drop. He’s been slowly sliding as the rankings evolve, but will have a chance to prove himself in the All-American games.

Cornelius Johnson - No. 185 (fell four spots)

This one surprises me, as Johnson’s mid-season highlights impressed many. I think he’s still underrated.

There’s still a long way to go before the final rankings are tabulated, but Michigan is showing that last year’s dearth of top talent is an anomaly.