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Michigan recruiting visitors list: Penn State

An impressive list of visitors makes this one of the hottest destinations in the country, and the biggest weekend of the season.

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Michigan is hosting its second big recruiting weekend of the season, as its faces off against another top-15 opponent, Penn State.

The Wisconsin game was an impressive list, but this one is even better, both in terms of quantity and quality. The amount of top-level talent that will be in Ann Arbor this weekend is crazy, and commits keep coming out of the woodwork to say they’ll be at the game. Every time I tried to finalize the list, more recruits would have to be added.

Needless to say, this is an extremely important recruiting weekend, so let’s see who’ll be attending.


Chris Hinton - 5-star, #24 overall, #2 SDE

Nolan Rumler - 4-star, #132 overall, #6 OG

DJ Turner - 3-star, #400 overall, #43 CB

Karsen Barnhart - 3-star, #412 overall, #40 OT

Tyrece Woods - 3-star, #1633 overall, #105 DT

Andre Seldon - 4-star, #322 overall, #23 CB

Michigan is adding another benefit to what should be an excellent recruiting weekend by having some of its most vocal and charismatic recruits on campus. Hinton, Turner and Seldon have been outspoken about their recruiting efforts. It’s just another feather in the cap for the Michigan staff as they try to impress these players.


Quavaris Crouch (official) - 5-star, #28 overall, #2 ATH

The headliner of the weekend. After canceling for the Wisconsin game, Crouch will finally be back up. The big news of his visit is his mom and grandma will also be making the trip, plus possibly his former coach who is a huge Michigan proponent. Having his relatives on campus is huge because Crouch has consistently stated how comfortable they feel him being away from home is a big factor.

Also a big factor for Crouch is the weather, which is partially why he wanted to push back his visit date. A late afternoon game in early November will certainly show Crouch if he can handle spending his college career here or not.

Khafre Brown (official) - 4-star, #235 overall, #36 WR

Brown is something of a surprise visitor. He named Michigan to his top four schools back in June, but the Wolverines never seemed to be pushing too hard and UNC is the prohibitive favorite since his brother plays there. Considering their haul at the slotback/offensive weapon position, he isn’t too much of a need right now. Nevertheless, it never hurts to have a quality player like Brown visit since you never know.

Kalen DeLoach (official) - 4-star, #242 overall, #13 OLB

The Michigan staff has clearly been searching for another linebacker prospect to add to their class after the Drew Singleton transfer. Before DeLoach committed to Florida State, he was the staff’s top priority at the position. Now, with the Seminoles dreadful season, it looks like DeLoach is looking around. This is a big development, hopefully Michigan can keep their success taking advantage of FSU’s disappointing season.

Mike Sainristil - 3-star, #677 overall, #62 CB

The Massachusetts cornerback was a virtual lock to flip to Michigan back over the summer, but then the buzz quieted down for a few months. After Sainristil decommitted from Virginia Tech, things heated up once again and he is now a prime candidate to give his pledge to the staff on his visit.

Kortez Toles - 3-star, #1655 overall, #168 CB (247Sports ranking)

Toles is an in-state prospect who is still waiting on a Michigan offer. He’s a good player to have on the back burner, but I think the staff has other priorities over him.


Myles Hinton - 5-star, #7 overall, #1 OT

The No. 1 tackle in the country for the 2020 class is basically down to Michigan or Stanford, and his brother is already committed to Michigan. You can never be certain in recruiting, but he’s a player Michigan has a better shot of landing. It’s just a matter of when.

Andrew Raym - 4-star, #50 overall, #3 OG

Raym is a product of the staff’s recent push in Oklahoma, thanks to Sherrone Moore. He is an Oklahoma decommit, which may count out the local Sooners. Michigan’s biggest competition may be Notre Dame, where Raym has a visit scheduled next weekend.

Kalel Mullings - 4-star, #98 overall, #4 OLB

Michigan has looked really good for the 4-star out of Massachusetts. He interacted with the staff during a camp in the northeast and visited for the BBQ. I’d say the Wolverines are the team to beat here.

Rashawn Williams - 4-star, #146 overall, #24 WR

There was word recently the Detroit King star favored Ohio State over Michigan recently, so getting him on campus for a big matchup is key. Williams was really enjoying the beat down of Michigan State on Twitter last weekend, so it’s safe to say he still likes Michigan plenty.

Makari Paige - 4-star, #190 overall, #11 S

Paige is another highly-touted Michigander who has been entertaining Ohio State lately. This visit is important and shows Michigan only has a narrow gap to close, if not already leading. His teammate, Cornell Wheeler, is already committed to the Wolverines.

Myles Slusher - 4-star, #198 overall, #17 CB

Slusher is the teammate of Raym, so the pair will be making the trip together. Michigan has another card to play in this recruitment, as Slusher and Daxton Hill’s families are long-time friends. The crystal ball predictions are split between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Bryce Austin - 3-star, #306 overall, #22 DT (247Sports ranking)

Austin is a talented in-state junior, who holds some MAC and lower Power 5 offers like Syracuse, Pitt and Missouri. He doesn’t hold a tender from Michigan yet, but could certainly receive one soon.

Josh Downs - 4-star, #317 overall, #64 WR

After coming up for the BBQ in July, Downs received a crystal ball for Michigan. He stated back in August he’d be back for the Penn State game, so he stuck to his word. In the meantime, he’s visited Ohio State, where he received an offer from recently, and NC State, where he is a legacy.

Jutahn McClain - 3-star, #379 overall, #4 APB

If you read my weekly Friday Night Recaps, you’ll recognize McClain as the player I’m always complaining about taking control of the offense so Erick All doesn’t get any reps. The back has had an absolute break-out season, picking up offers from Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and more. Ohio expert Bill Greene has the only crystal ball in for the Wolverines.

Zak Zinter - 3-star, #417 overall, #48 OT

Zinter had been waiting for a Michigan offer for a while after camping with the staff multiple times and a couple of visits. That offer finally came in late September. Michigan joined the likes of Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Northwestern, Tennessee and Boston College, but he’s shown the most interest in the Wolverines.

Devell Washington - 3-star, #449 overall, #83 WR

The staff keeps working on the in-state 3-star, who is making his second consecutive visit to the Big House. The crystal ball predictions are split between Ohio State and Michigan State, but the Wolverines are trending up.

Josh Fryar - 3-star, #462 overall, #3 OC

Fryar is one of the top centers in the country, and will be making a trip to Michigan as part of a busy November visit schedule. He is an Indiana legacy, but interestingly Florida State has all of the crystal balls. Fryar stated over the summer he would commit to the Seminoles on the spot if he was offered, mostly because of his relationship with Greg Frey, who his father knew from his coaching tenure at Indiana. He hasn’t received the offer yet, but will be visiting Tallahassee for a game on Nov. 17.

Christian Veilleux - unranked QB

Veilleux was a Canadian prospect in the 2021 class when Harbaugh discovered him. Since then, he has transferred to Canisius in Buffalo and reclassified to the 2020 class. As a junior, his chances of joining the class are more unlikely, considering Michigan is excellent position with Harrison Bailey, but Veilleux could be the right type of prospect to join a two-quarterback class.

Jaheem Joseph - unranked CB

The Florida cornerback visited Ann Arbor over the summer for the BBQ, which vaulted the Wolverines in the top group early on. He holds an offer from Michigan, as well as Louisville, Syracuse, Marshall and Florida Atlantic.

Joseph Martinez - unranked WR

Martinez in an in-state prospect with interest from just about every school in Michigan, but doesn’t hold any offers yet. He’s been to East Lansing a lot, so that’s probably where he’s leaning right now.


Justin Rogers - 5-star, #15 overall, #1 OG

Cole Brevard - 4-star, #112 overall, #8 DT

Trey Leroux - 3-star, #588 overall, #64 OT

These three players, all from the 2020 class, have mentioned possibly going to Ann Arbor for the game this weekend, but haven’t officially said they’ll be there. Any of these visitors would be great, especially Rogers who has made quite a few visits to Michigan lately and would indicate growing interest.


Garrett Dellinger - 5-star, #2 overall, #1 OT

Another prospect who also visited for Wisconsin, Dellinger is one of the top players in the country for his class. Considering he is from Clarkston, the Wolverines would like to keep him close to home. He’s certainly shown the interest. His teammate, fellow top-10 2021 prospect Rocco Spindler may also be on campus.

Jack Sawyer - 5-star, #3 overall, #1 SDE

This recruitment will be reminiscent of Zach Harrison’s. A big-time defensive end from Ohio who has a bunch of OSU crystal balls early. Michigan will definitely have a shot here, since Sawyer has reciprocated interest in the Wolverines, but it will be a tough pull. This is an excellent start.

JC Latham - 5-star, #8 overall, #3 SDE

Latham is a tantalizing 6-foot-6 prospect from Wisconsin, who Sam Webb recently put in a crystal ball for Michigan. Greg Mattison has been forming a strong relationship with the sophomore, visiting Latham’s high school multiple times, including during the bye week.

Tony Grimes - 5-star, #12 overall, #2 CB

The fourth 2021 5-star to be in Ann Arbor, Virginia native Tony Grimes will be traveling the farthest. Virginia Tech and Texas A&M both have a crystal ball selection. He also holds offers from Clemson, Oklahoma, Penn State and several others. His friend Katron Evans, another 5-star in their class, could also make the trip with Grimes.

Can we pause to point out Michigan could potentially play host to six of the top 17 recruits in the 2021 class? Just an insane collection of talent.

Dacari Collins - 4-star, #72 overall, #13 WR (247Sports ranking)

Collins is a 6-foot-3 wide receiver from Georgia. He doesn’t have an offer from Michigan yet, but has received one from Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Nebraska and many others.

Brady Lichtenberg - unranked QB

Lichtenberg is a quarterback from Toledo who is already in his second year starting on varsity. He’s put up a 26-to-2 touchdown-to-interception ratio, along with 2,400 yards. These numbers have also gotten him attention from Ohio State and Iowa State.

Blake Nelson - unranked TE

Nelson looks to be one of the top players in Michigan for his class. He’s getting interest from almost every school in the state. Kentucky has already offered.

Ramier Lewis - unranked OT

The Belleville tackle will be making his third trip to Ann Arbor this season. As teammates of Andre Seldon and Tyrece Woods, he’s undoubtedly hearing plenty of pro-Michigan talk, and he seems to be buying in.

Dallas Turner - unranked OLB

Turner is a Florida prospect who looks to be buddies with Jaheem Joseph, so the pair could be traveling together. He already holds offers from LSU, Baylor, Kentucky, Pitt and Syracuse.

Besides football, Turner is also a stud basketball player, receiving an invite to the USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Team Mini-Camp.


Walker Kessler (official) - 5-star, #17 overall, #3 C

Speaking of basketball, John Beilein will be hosting one of the top players in the country for the 2020 class. Kessler doesn’t technically hold a Michigan offer yet, but he’s all but assured to receive one once he arrives on campus.

The 6-foot-10 junior attends an elite high school in Georgia, and values academics highly. Given this, he is also heavily considering Vanderbilt, where he took his first official visit. Still, the local Bulldogs hold all five crystal ball picks as of now.

Like I said at the top, this could be the best collection of talent on Michigan’s sidelines in a while. If the atmosphere and result from the Wisconsin game can be replicated, it should provide tremendous dividends for recruiting.