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PWO candidate Jordan Castleberry discusses future plans, calls Michigan his “dream school”

It might only be a matter of time before Castleberry joins Michigan

SMU v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With the commitments of Quintel Kent and Caden Kolesar, Michigan is forging a pipeline with one of the most successful football programs in the state of Ohio — St. Edward’s. One more player who may join them is Jordan Castleberry, a running back who just received an offer as a preferred walk-on this week.

The slippery 5-foot-8, 193-pounder ran for 1,543 yards this season, scoring 20 touchdowns while leading his team to a state title.

Maize n Brew recently spoke with Castleberry, who just de-committed from West Virginia last night, about how this offer changes his recruitment.

Castleberry called receiving the offer “crazy” and “an opportunity that I have always dreamed of considering this is my dream school.”

The connection to Michigan goes way back for Castleberry. I figured he heard from teammate Quintel Kent about the school the most, but that isn’t the case.

“Yes, he loves it, but I have had ties before Quintel being recruited at Michigan,” Castleberry explained.

Asked what those ties were, Castleberry said, “Legends Jamie Morris and John Kolesar. As well as my trainer Mark Harris.”

Castleberry called the former Michigan all-time rushing leader Morris his mentor and a “great guy who guides me.” And John Kolesar is obviously the father of his teammate and recent grayshirt commit Caden Kolesar, a former Wolverine himself.

Asked what has drawn him to Michigan other than the people around him, Castleberry answered, “The history and excellence it holds at a high standard. It’s a great, special place even outside of sports and football.”

He also explained the differences between his self-professed dream school and West Virginia, the school he had been committed to previously.

“It’s a very different culture, I never really got to be around the WVU people as much as I have Michigan,” he said.

And Castleberry will have the opportunity to be around Michigan people even more, as he’ll be visiting Ann Arbor this weekend.

After this massive shift in his recruitment, Castleberry won’t be waiting long to decide where he wants to spend his next four years.

“Soon,” he replied, when asked when he’ll have a final decision. “Have to talk things over with my family.”

If I had a crystal ball, it’d be firmly on Michigan to flip the talented young back. He’d be a great addition to the team with the chance to be the next Tru Wilson.

Watch his highlights below to see what he could bring to the table as a Wolverine.