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Reactions on Michigan signing 5-star S Daxton Hill

One of the biggest recruiting wins of the Jim Harbaugh era, no question.

Wisconsin v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Most fans of the Michigan Wolverines and media members alike did not expect to see 5-star safety Daxton Hill re-flip to the Maize and Blue.

With recruiting, one must expect the unexpected.

There were a lot of reactions when the news shook the recruiting world this morning. Here are reactions from U-M 2019 class members Joey Velazquez and Mike Morris.

Defensive lineman Mike Morris

“Happy he back with us. Go Blue.”

Viper Joey Velazquez

“I thought that was huge. We all knew he was coming back, but once it was official that was huge for our class and the team.”

Interesting to hear Velazquez knew Hill would be signing with Michigan. I certainly had no idea, so this was a pleasant surprise for me, as I’m sure it was for most Michigan fans.

Some of my favorite reactions were from fans of both Michigan and Alabama. Below are some of my absolute favorites.

First, the Michigan fans...

This is pretty accurate. I woke up to this news and felt like I had just drank three cups of coffee. I was ready for the rest of my day, no doubt.

This is accurate. Hill instantly becomes one of Michigan’s fastest players, if not the fastest. A classmate of Hill’s, wide receiver Giles Jackson, runs a 4.4. Mike Sainristil, another 2019 receiver who signed with Michigan on Wednesday, is also a speed demon, so speed was obviously an emphasis for the offense in this class.

Carl Anderson is keeping it real here.

Don’t be greedy and wish the staff reeled in 5-star Zach Harrison. Be happy with what Michigan got. Getting Hill back was a fortune to begin with. Michigan has the No. 7 class in the country. No room to complain about that. about a couple salty Bama fans?

I love how John Anderson throws in the first parentheses but fails to put in the closing parentheses. I could say other things, but I don’t wanna waste my time with this fool.

Let’s move on.

I mean, if Nick Saban didn’t lie in the first place and tell Hill Harbaugh and the other coaches were leaving, he never would’ve committed to Alabama in the first place.

Sorry, not sorry.

Here are a few members of the media chiming in on the Hill news:

Now...this was the greatest reaction to the news.

This was released back in September when Hill originally committed, but it resurfaced on my Twitter timeline today. I couldn’t leave this one out. Had to save the best for last.

What were your initial reactions when you heard the news? Leave them in the comments!