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Wednesday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Big camp recap and visit drama

Michigan handed out several new offers this week and hosted the nation’s No. 1 athlete.

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It’s a busy time in Michigan recruiting, with the staff hosting a camp for the past couple days and a weekend full of visitors coming up.

The format will be a little different this week, as I attempt to cover all the news coming out from the camp and visits this past weekend. With that, let’s hop in to cover everything that’s happened in the last seven days!

New offers from camp

Among the swath of prospects competing in Monday’s camp, several walked away holding fresh Michigan offers. I’ll run down everyone who reported an offer stemming from the camp.

2019 WDE Tyrece Woods — Woods is a 2-star from Detroit, Michigan. He told our own Von Lozon “ I sat in coach Harbaugh’s office and he told me that the staff loves me and that I had an offer. I think I put together a great performance (at Grand Valley). I was also named top 2019 defensive lineman (at the camp).”

He added that Michigan was his top school right now. For people worried about Michigan offering a lower-rated prospect like this, TMI’s Sam Webb noted ($) that the fact Woods did not commit on the spot means this offer could come with some contingencies.

2020 CB Andre Seldon — Woods’ teammate at Belleville impressed coaches after running a blazing 4.38 in the 40. He described Michigan as his “dream school” and told TMI’s Allen Trieu ($) he almost committed on the spot after getting his offer. “Coach Harbaugh offered me and said I’m a main target in our class and that I can commit whenever I want, I almost did (laughs).”

This enthusiasm caused Michigan to receive four Crystal Balls for Seldon. They sit firmly in the lead for the speedy defensive back.

2020 WR Devell Washington — Washington is another in-state prospect. From Bay City, the 6-foot-4 receiver told TMI’s Allen Trieu ($) what the offer meant to him. “They asked me how would it feel to be a Wolverine and it blew my mind. I told them it was a life changing offer.”

Michigan State holds the only Crystal Ball for Washington, but the Spartans have not offered yet. Washington said he “grew up torn” between the two in-state schools, so this looks to be a battle moving forward.

2020 WR Ian Stewart — Hey look, another in-state wide receiver. Stewart has been picking up offers all spring, and added a coveted Michigan one after his camp performance. His reaction to the offer is very promising.

“To be honest I didn’t know how to react. This has been a big time goal of mine to try and earn a scholarship to play for one of my dream schools. It’s still sinking in. I just thank god and I’m just going to continue to work,” he told TMI’s Brice Marich ($).

Like Devell Washington, Michigan State holds the only Crystal Balls for Stewart. However, again like Washington, Michigan beat the Spartans to the punch in offering.

2020 RB Michael Drennen II — This offer comes to someone outside of Michigan’s borders. Drennen is an Ohio native, but his family has always rooted for the Wolverines. Rated as a 4-star by 247, pulling him out of Ohio will be huge for the coaching staff.

This recruitment seems to be off to a promising start, as Steve Lorenz put in a Crystal Ball for Michigan following the offer. The Crystal Balls still favor Ohio State, but Michigan has a good chance to prevail.

2020 defensive tackle effuses praise for the Wolverines

Denver Warren made a lot of fans happy last week with his reaction to his first visit to Ann Arbor. Warren was extremely candid with how much he loved Michigan, which is rare from prospects these days.

Warren took the chance to speak with our own David Noe about his visit and what he enjoyed. “My first trip to Ann Arbor is amazing, I cannot believe my eyes and the things I’ve learned today about the university, much further than football. Most overall, what impressed me was the academic part of the program. Very, very impressed,” he said.

Yea, I think he liked it.

What really got the fanbase going, though, were his comments about Michigan State. In an interview with Wolverines Wire’s Isaiah Hole (FREE), Warren did not pull back on how different his two visits were. “After I visited Michigan, I visited Michigan State, and it wasn’t even like a college visit. It wasn’t even exciting for me. My expectations are very high now that I went to Michigan and (got to know more about) all the great legends and everybody — like Tom Brady, Jabrill Peppers — everybody. It’s just amazing.”

About Michigan State, he threw in, “(It’s) just not where I belong.”

Warren will automatically become a fan favorite the minute he steps on campus, assuming he does so. It is looking increasingly more likely that he will, with seven Crystal Balls rolling in for Michigan after those interviews. His percentage flipped from 100 percent Michigan State to 78 percent Michigan in a blink of an eye. I, for one, am certainly eager to welcome him to Michigan.

4-star tight end sets visit

One prospect who Michigan has been recruiting for a long time is 4-star Isaiah Foskey. The tight end, from Concord, California has had a relationship with the coaching staff for more than two years.

After not taking the chance to visit Ann Arbor during a recent midwest swing, Foskey will be heading back out east to attend Michigan’s BBQ at the Big House, held annually every July.

Foskey spoke with Wolverines Wire’s Isaiah Hole (FREE) about what the staff sees in him. “They see me as a tight end that’s not just receiving, but blocking. That’s what they like about me, that I can catch the ball and block all at the same time. There’s not many tight ends like that. There’s tight ends that can just block and there’s tight ends that can receive, but I have the best of both worlds to do both of them.”

Don’t look for a decision from Foskey soon. He says he’ll cut down his list to a top five or seven by the end of the summer, and will decide in the second Signing Day period, either in January or February.

Everything is still up in the air for Foskey. He only has one Crystal Ball, reading cloudy. The late decision date gives Michigan plenty of time to stand out.

4-star linebacker “cancels” Michigan official

There was some drama this past week, as news broke that in-state linebacker Lance Dixon would not be visiting Michigan this weekend.

The tension comes from figuring out if Dixon was ever expected to be on campus to begin with. On Saturday, TMI’s Steve Lorenz posted ($) Dixon would not make it to campus for his scheduled official.

But later that day, Dixon sent out a tweet alluding he never had a visit scheduled.

Whether he never planned on visiting Michigan or this is an argument in semantics, this news is upsetting considering Dixon was seen to be the top target for Don Brown at the Viper position. This would be the third straight cycle Michigan missed out on their top Viper target, after Willie Gay in 2016 and Otis Reese in 2017.

Dixon is making it clear he wants to leave the state to play football, and given the opportunity to play at a great program anywhere in the country, it’s hard to blame him. He has been trending towards Penn State.

As for the Viper position, trust that Don Brown will find someone to slot in the position just fine. Other targets on their board include 4-star Lewis Cine, who is taking an official this weekend, and 3-star Joey Velazquez, who was just participating at their camp early this week.

5-star athlete makes return trip to Ann Arbor

Perhaps the biggest visit of this stretch is 5-star Quavaris Crouch’s, who traveled to Ann Arbor last Friday and stayed the weekend.

Crouch called his first visit to Ann Arbor last year as the best he experienced up to that point. He was interested enough to pay his own way for another trip from North Carolina to Michigan this past weekend. Landing this visit as an unofficial is a big win for the staff, as they still have an opportunity to get him on campus again during the season.

This would usually qualify as news to put at the top of this post, but there have been no reactions to his visit yet. In a VIP note on 247Sports, Steve Lorenz said Crouch’s phone is out of commission until Wednesday, so interviews are tough to come by until then. I still wanted to add this update to keep everyone informed, but we won’t know how the visit went for a couple of days possibly.

Stick with Maize n Brew as more news unfolds from their camp, as well as the visits this weekend. We’ll have a full list of the visitors up soon, so you can check out who will be seeing what Michigan has to offer. And as always, make sure to check back next week for the latest edition of the Wednesday Recruiting Roundup!