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Where did Michigan commits land in the latest recruiting rankings?

A lot of positive movement for players in the postseason showcases.

Indiana v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Following the All-American games a couple weeks ago, a couple major recruiting services updated their rankings for the final time for the 2019 cycle. Rivals and ESPN make up two thirds of the 247Sports composite, so there was some big movement.

The performance of Michigan recruits was overall very well regarded, and it shows up in these re-rankings. There was enough of a positive bump that Michigan’s class moved up a spot in the national rankings, from ninth to eighth. The average rating of the class rose as well.

Since the rankings mostly adjusted players who participated in the All-American games, the rankings mostly deal with them. Let’s see how the individual players fared.


4-star DT Chris Hinton — 43rd (up 6 spots)

After not going to any camps over the summer and uncertainty about what position he would play arose, Hinton slid down the rankings, losing his fifth star. After he settled in at defensive tackle, he reminded everyone what made him a 5-star talent at the All-American Bowl.

Rivals gave him back his fifth star, so he received a modest move upward, but still out of 5-star range on the composite. If 247 agrees, he could be back near his previous ranking.

4-star DT Mazi Smith — 123rd (up 14 spots)

Smith is another one of Michigan’s defensive tackles who showed out at his game, which is nice to see as that’s a big hole on the roster right now. His explosiveness was noticed by many at practices and in the game.

4-star OT Trente Jones — 143rd (up 22 spots)

After a big move up in December, Jones continues his ascension here and is now the highest ranked offensive lineman in Michigan’s class.

4-star WR Cornelius Johnson — 179th (up 81 spots)

Coming from Connecticut, Johnson was always going to be a little underrated, but he used his stage to show he could play with the best. He hauled in two touchdowns during the All-American Bowl, and Rivals finally gave him a fourth star and a sizable move upwards.

4-star Quinten Johnson — 314th (up 60 spots)

Johnson got better every day during his Under Armour game practices, and was rewarded with a healthy elevation. He recently got his composite fourth star, and now is more solidly in that range.

3-star CB DJ Turner - 387th (up 21 spots)

Turner didn’t participate in either all-star game, but the talent evaluators used the chance to give him a little movement higher. He’s very close to a fourth star, only 13 slots away.


5-star S Daxton Hill - 9th (down 1 spot)

There’s just nowhere to move for Hill, who got passed by Alabama commit Antonio Alfano in the top 10.

4-star RB Zach Charbonnet 47th (down five spots)

Charbonnet didn’t play in the Under Armour game because of a nagging injury, and got passed by some guys who shot upward. At least this means Michigan’s curse of 5-star running backs probably won’t affect him.

4-star OG Nolan Rumler 171st (down 25 spots)

There were differing opinions in the industry about how Rumler played in the Under Armour game. Rivals didn’t think he did that well, and moved him down. 247 writers always talked about him positively, so we’ll have to see what they do with him after they release their final rankings after the Polynesian Bowl this weekend.

Rumler played center in this game, so he was adjusting to a new position along the interior, which may have affected his performance.

4-star OT Trevor Keegan 172nd (down nine spots)

Keegan didn’t play in any postseason game, so he just got caught up in the players moving upwards.

4-star CB Jalen Perry 230th (down 36 spots)

Perry also didn’t play in any games, but this movement was too significant to just be because of players passing him. He was re-evaluated by someone who didn’t like his senior film as much.

4-star OLB Anthony Solomon 228th (down 33 spots)

Solomon was always the one player who wasn’t talked about much during the week leading up to the Under Armour game, so it’s not surprising that he’s the one who fell the hardest of participating players.

3-star ILB Charles Thomas 493rd (down 57 spots)

Thomas also got re-evaluated by someone and moved down, because he wasn’t in either of the all-star games. His transfer from IMG to St. Thomas More in Connecticut probably didn’t help.

Like I mentioned earlier, 247 is the last service that hasn’t updated their rankings yet. They’ll do so after the Polynesian Bowl, which is being played this weekend, so expect the final rankings in the coming weeks. Michigan’s lone participant, 4-star WR Giles Jackson, is already turning heads, so he could be another player in line for a bump.