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Daily Brews: Michigan commit to undergo surgery for season-ending knee injuries

One of the stars of the 2020 cycle is going to be on the shelf for a bit to start his freshman campaign

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

One of the jewels of Michigan football’s 2020 class is going to spend the winter and spring on the mend, it appears. Defensive end Braiden McGregor suffered a leg injury in his game for Port Huron Northern (Michigan) and the injury diagnosis is now in.

According to The Michigan Insider on 247Sports, McGregor tore his MCL, PCL and meniscus and will have surgery next week to repair it. There is no current timetable for his recovery.

“Right now, I’m disappointed in the way it happened and how I could finish out my senior year with who I started it with, but I’m going to move forward and do everything my doctors tell me to do for the next months, so I will hopefully be ready to go for spring ball or fall camp,” McGregor told The Michigan Insider’s Brice Marich.

McGregor, a four-star recruit who committed back in June, is currently ranked as the No. 106 overall prospect in the 2020 class snd No. 2 player in the state of Michigan, according to the 247Sports Composite. Marich’s story says that the plan is still to have him enroll early at Michigan and potentially work his way back for spring football and fall camp. Some fans have asked on social media why he would plan to enroll early still, but one would assume that part of that would have to do with A.) mental reps in spring and B.) access to Michigan’s medical facilities and training staff being that he is set to be a scholarship athlete.

Josh Uche says criticism without knowledge can be ‘annoying’

Michigan linebacker Josh Uche is keeping the receipts from criticism from fans and the media and he claims the Michigan defense is using it as motivation moving forward. Especially after what was said following the loss at Wisconsin earlier this year.

“You guys were saying we can’t stop the run and we’re soft and this and that,” Uche said on Monday. “We’ve kinda framed that in our minds, and that’s given us a lot of motivation to work hard. That underdog mentality has given us a new flame.”

“That’s what y’all was claiming. I understand you’re not in the coaches’ office and not watching film how we watch film. I understand why you guys would feel that way...That just gave us the motivation to execute and do our job to a high level.”

Uche did tell the media that there are times when criticisms are warranted, but said that what fans and media say and see are often times inaccurate and that you could not possibly know what the job or assignment was on a given play.

“I mean, it’s just kind of funny, because this is what we live, breathe and this is what we do,” Uche said. “And I understand that you guys follow it, too, so you guys do the same – a lot of dedication. You guys, sometimes fans don’t see everything. They don’t understand the schematics of everything. They don’t understand what was happening there. They’ll be on the total opposite side of the spectrum to knowing what was going on.

“It’s kinda funny. It can be annoying, but it is what it is. I can understand it. Not everybody is a football coach. A 15 year vet in the game that knows everything. It’s understandable.”

Hunter Dickinson explains why Michigan hoops remains factor for his services

Four-star 2020 center Hunter Dickson is primed to make a decision where he will attend college soon with Michigan hoops in the mix along with Duke, Florida State and Notre Dame. Dickinson revealed what he likes about each school to

Here’s what he had to say about Michigan:

“Coach Juwan Howard, he basically played my position so I couldn’t learn from a better person in college basketball in terms of what I am and who’s done what I’ve done. Probably he and Patrick Ewing are the only two that I could think of that have done what I’m doing right now and can help me develop, so I really like that. Also just his passion for coaching and passion for Michigan, like the school and everything, you can really tell that he’s super happy to be there. He just loves Michigan, he just wants to bring a national championship there. I just really like how I can do basketball and academics there. I really like him as a coach, I feel like I vibe with the team really well.”

Dickinson says he plans on making a decision before his first game this season.

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