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Michigan Football December Signing Period Preview: 2020 Class

This is peak #CrootinSZN.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 07 Army at Michigan

It is one of the best times of the year yet again. The holidays are right around the corner, as is the College Football Playoff, New Year’s Eve and a Michigan bowl game. But before we get to any of that, we need to get through the December signing period for the 2020 class.

We have compiled a list of important facts and questions regarding Michigan’s recruiting class and what to look for tomorrow when the early signing period officially begins. We hope you learn a thing or two from this, whether you are a devoted recruiting follower or just someone looking to catch up before tomorrow.

Position breakdown for Michigan’s 2020 class

QB: 1 (Despite medically retiring, JD Johnson’s scholarship is being honored by U-M. However, that scholarship will not go toward the 85 scholarship limit. So technically speaking, Michigan has no quarterback in this class.)

RB: 2 (Four-star Blake Corum, three-star Gaige Garcia)

WR: 2 (Four-star AJ Henning, four-star Roman Wilson)

TE: 2 (Three-star Matthew Hibner, three-star Nick Patterson)

OL: 4 (Four-star Zak Zinter, four-star Jeffrey Persi, three-star Reece Atteberry, three-star Micah Mazzccua)

DL: 4 (Four-star Braiden McGregor, four-star Jaylen Harrell, three-star Aaron Lewis, three-star Kris Jenkins)

LB: 4 (Four-star Kalel Mullings, four-star Osman Savage, three-star Nikhai Hill-Green, three-star Cornell Wheeler)

CB: 1 (Four-star Andre Seldon)

S: 3 (Four-star Jordan Morant, four-star RJ Moten, four-star Makari Paige)

ATH: 2 (Three-star William Mohan, three-star Eamonn Dennis)

Where will the athletes play?

Mohan was recruited to play the VIPER on defense. With Michael Barrett and Anthony Solomon ready to battle for the vacant spot left behind by Khaleke Hudson after the Citrus Bowl, I don’t think Mohan will factor on defense for the first couple years. However, he could be a pretty good special teams guy right off the bat.

Dennis was recruited to be an offensive play-maker for Josh Gattis. He can play slot receiver, line up outside, and even play out of the backfield. He will likely be the Giles Jackson of this class and be everywhere on offense all the time.

And if anything weird happens, he played defensive back in high school. And he had a killer interception during his senior year.

Which prospects are expected to sign tomorrow for Michigan?

Pretty much everyone currently committed to the Wolverines’ 2020 class. I have not heard of anyone waiting for the traditional February signing day this year. In last year’s class, four-star safety Quinten Johnson waited until February, but that was because of his high school’s tradition of every athlete signing their letters of intent together during that time period.

Does that mean a player or two won’t sign their LOI to Michigan tomorrow? No, because it’s recruiting. And in the game of recruiting, you have to expect the unexpected. I would not be shocked if one or two guys didn’t sign their LOI, but I also wouldn’t be shocked if the whole class signs, too.

Who is expected on campus in January?

I’m glad you asked!

We already laid out all those answers right here for you. Most of Michigan’s 2020 class will be joining the team in the summer, but click that link to see all the expected early enrollees.

Where will Michigan’s class be ranked when it’s all said and done?

Michigan’s class is at No. 11 in 247Sports’ composite rankings, as of this writing, and we don’t expect it to venture very far from where it currently is at.

After the top un-committed kids make their pledge to their school, I could see Michigan settling in anywhere from 10-15. If you take a look at the points for the schools in that range, they are all really close to each other. Where Michigan ends up will depend on if any of those schools near them — Oklahoma, Washington, Penn State, Notre Dame, Miami (FL) — make any last minute moves.

Are any fireworks expected this year?

I am not expecting anything like last year. And if you forgot what happened last year, here is your reminder:

I do not expect Michigan to flip anybody, nor do I expect anything out of the ordinary to happen. But like I said earlier, you have to expect the unexpected in recruiting. I don’t think it’ll happen, but you never know I suppose.

I certainly hope this answered most of your questions heading into tomorrow’s signing period. If you guys have any more questions pertaining to Michigan’s 2020 class, leave them down below and I’ll try my best to answer them.