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Nick Patterson, Micah Mazzccua do not sign with Michigan during early signing period

They are the only two players who did not sign with Michigan today.

Courtesy — Nick Patterson

The early signing period began Wednesday, and many of Michigan’s committed players had their letter of intent signed, sealed and delivered by 10 a.m.

But there are two verbal commits* who did not sign their LOIs early for Michigan — three-star tight end Nick Patterson and three-star offensive lineman Micah Mazzccua.

Patterson, the younger brother of Shea, has taken a few visits during the 2019 season, and none of those visits were to Michigan. His most recent visit was to Memphis, and he told the Memphis 247 website ($) he was “doing his due diligence” by looking into his options.

He will wait until February to sign his LOI, and it probably won’t be in favor of Michigan. That would leave Michigan with one tight end in the class — three-star Matthew Hibner.

Mazzccua, meanwhile, has been firmly committed to the Wolverines since February and has not wavered at all. It isn’t confirmed why he did not sign Wednesday, but fortunately if something weird happens and Mazzccua does not sign with Michigan, Ed Warinner will have still brought in four offensive linemen in this class. He also brought in six offensive linemen in last year’s class, so the room is in good hands.

Technically, these guys could still sign tomorrow or Friday, but we do not anticipate that happening. No recruit waits until the Friday of the early signing period to fax in their LOI. These kids want to get it done as soon as they can, and if they hold off for some reason, they are more than likely going to hold off throughout the entire early signing period.

Only time will tell if Mazzccua and Patterson end up as signed players for Michigan, but it isn’t looking good for Patterson at the very least.

*JD Johnson (medical) and Gaige Garcia (already signed LOI with wrestling) were also not announced by Michigan