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“Michigan’s getting the most underrated QB in the country”, says Dan Villari’s trainer

Maize n Brew caught up with one of Villari’s mentors to learn more about the three-star QB.

Dan Villari’s Instagram

Three-star quarterback Dan Villari (Massapequa, NY) committed to Michigan on Wednesday afternoon, becoming Michigan’s lone QB commit in the 2020 class.

Maize n Brew caught up with quarterback trainer James Brady, a mentor of Villari’s who believes Michigan found a player that fits their scheme well.

“I think he’ll be an incredible fit. He has prototype size at 6’4” 215, the ability to make quick decisions, consistent footwork, and has some experience under center in pro style schemes/concepts as well as in the spread,” Brady explained. “With all that being said, his potential and ceiling are through the roof. Learning under Coach Harbaugh will be invaluable for him to continue to expand his knowledge and understanding of the game and tap into that potential.”

Villari is described as a dual-threat prospect, and when watching his film, his ability to extend plays and create something out of nothing is evident. “His biggest strength is his willingness and effort to continually improve,” Brady said. “On the field his biggest strengths are his arm strength and athleticism. He has the arm to drive the ball down the field, fit it into tight windows, and elite athleticism to extend and create plays inside and outside of the pocket when the play breaks down.”

Brady describes Villari as a team-first player. “He takes genuine pride in working to become the best version of himself in order to encourage and help others to do the same,” Brady said. “He’s open minded, coachable, and always looking for new ways to improve. He loves this game and the platform it provides.”

When it comes to anyone that says ‘Villari’s only a three-star, the only power five program that offered him that was Michigan’, Brady believes his pupil is better than the star rating would indicate, citing that his locale isn’t highly recruited. “Unfortunately coming from Long Island proves to bring about obstacles in the recruiting world as it’s not a football ‘hot bed’, barriers we’re consistently working on knocking down,” Brady said. “Dan played in the same high school division as (Wisconsin QB) Jack Coan. Played against his high school team in the championship actually.”

Brady is ecstatic that Villari’s committed to Michigan and believes the Wolverines are getting one heck of a player. “The talent is here and it’s being recognized. Michigan’s getting the most underrated QB in the Country,” Brady said. “The fan base will be pleasantly surprised.”