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Wednesday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Who are the remaining commits left to announce?

There are 10 Ralphie GIFs with only seven announcements. Who is left?

NCAA Football: Air Force at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the weekend came and went and Michigan ended up with 10 commitments. Seven players have announced their commitments, which means there are three prospects out there who committed but haven’t shared the news yet. Let’s walk through the remaining official visitors to see who they could be.

4-star OT Andrew Gentry

Weirdly and without explanation, a bunch of crystal balls came in for BYU as Gentry was on campus for his official visits. That’s certainly not good news, and doesn’t make much sense. For now, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. There will always be room for Gentry though, since he is taking a two-year mission trip after high school so his scholarship won’t count until 2022.

4-star WR A.J. Henning

On the other hand, Henning received four crystal balls in favor of Michigan while on his trip, and there was some news he did in fact join the class. I think the top 100 receiver is most likely one of the three silents.

4-star OG Andrew Raym

Raym’s recruitment is probably the most uncertain out of any of the prospects who visited. There have been conflicting reports over who is the biggest threat to in-state Oklahoma, whether it be Michigan or Georgia. But 247Sports Oklahoma insider Brandon Drumm did reveal Raym will be making his decision on Saturday and will announce it later in the week, so everyone will know soon enough ($).

4-star LB Kalel Mullings

Mullings was a surprise visitor last weekend, and a welcome one. After Stanford got involved, Michigan fans basically threw in the towel after seeing that play out enough times before. The staff did not, however, and it looks to have paid off big time. Eight crystal balls either came in fresh or were flipped from Stanford back to Michigan, giving the Wolverines the lead once again. It’s very likely Mullings committed on his visit, but it’s not a certainty.

4-star RB Blake Corum

Michigan already had 100 percent of the crystal ball picks before Corum visited this weekend, but that didn’t stop 10 more from flowing in for the St. Frances Academy stud. I think that’s a good enough sign to say Corum is also one of the silent commits.

3-star WR Brenden Rice

Personally, I believe Rice was Oregon’s to lose and was not expecting much from this visit heading into the weekend. But Michigan knocked it out of the park and ended up getting three crystal ball picks, including a flip from Oregon. Now the Wolverines are in the driver’s seat for the talented West Coast prospect at a position of need.

3-star RB D.J. Jones

Yesterday, Jones tweeted he will be deciding this afternoon between UNC and Michigan, so we won’t have to wait long to hear his announcement.

Not a lot of information has come out from his visit, which may not be a good thing. With slot/all-purpose back Eamonn Dennis already announcing and Corum likely in the boat as well, Jones may have seen his spots filled and moved on to UNC. But if we get another Ralphie GIF from Matt Dudek this afternoon, you’ll know who it’s probably for.

3-star DE Kris Jenkins

Unsurprisingly, Jenkins’ official visit went great like everyone else’s, per 247Sports’ Brian Dohn ($).

“I really got a chance to see how much time the staff put in with its players and how much it really cared about them on and off the field,” said Jenkins. “I think that is one of the things that stood out to me.”

Jenkins received a crystal ball pick for Michigan and his existing one for Maryland went to cloudy. The Terps are his father’s alma mater, though, so don’t count them out yet.

3-star LB Mitchell Melton

Jenkins’ teammate Melton got even more love on the crystal ball, with four predictions coming in for the Wolverines. Melton looked like a serious candidate to be one of the remaining silents, but TMI’s Sam Webb dropped a nugget that “early post visit returns have me a little shaky” ($). It’s not clear what could have happened that quickly after the visit to sour Melton’s experience, but he’s not the slam dunk he was previously.

3-star WR Jay Brunelle

Finally, we have Brunelle, who I interviewed recently about his visit. Brunelle stated Michigan is “very high up” on his list, and that could be as high as No. 1. Like almost everyone listed above him, Brunelle received multiple crystal balls for Michigan. These didn’t start rolling in until Tuesday though, so he probably did not commit last weekend, but is a good candidate to do so in the future.

So to recap, it looks like 4-stars Henning, Corum and Mullings are the three likeliest prospects out there who committed but haven’t announced. But with the afterglow of the visit still emanating around some prospects, it could lead to even more commitments in the near future. If you had told me on Friday that over half the prospects visiting would end up committing soon after, I would’ve told you that you were nuts. But that looks like it’s exactly what’s happening.

Stay on your toes for more commitments coming soon, and make sure to check back soon for another recruiting roundup!