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Breaking down 2022 four-star OT Fisher Anderson’s visit to U-M this past weekend

A versatile offensive line prospect was in Ann Arbor last weekend.

Courtesy — Fisher Anderson

On this week’s Future Brew, the boys discuss the most recent 2022 visitor, four-star offensive lineman Fisher Anderson, and where he best projects at the next level.

Von: Fisher Anderson is a 2022 prospect in the offensive line group. His position is listed as offensive tackle, but could probably be another one of those versatile pieces Ed Warinner loves to recruit. He’s listed at 6-6, 257, so he’s definitely got some bulk to put on. He was able to visit Ann Arbor this past weekend, a couple days in fact. I caught up with him briefly and he said he had a good time, walked around campus, ate at some good food places, he had no complaints from the time whatsoever. He and his mom and dad all made the trip to Michigan. He’s a pretty interesting prospect Jon, I’ll start with you. Again, could probably play a couple different positions but I like him at tackle, what say you?

Jon: Yeah, I think any 6-6 guy is initially going to be thought of as a tackle. It’s interesting, watching this junior tape he put out a couple days ago, he kinda plays all over the line. He plays guard for a couple clips, then goes to right tackle and left tackle, so I think his team might just put him in whatever position is best on that play. I think he’s a pretty versatile prospect, and I think it’s definitely a good sign for Michigan that he used his bye week during the season to visit Ann Arbor and see the campus and check out some spots around town. That definitely indicates a high level of interest for Anderson right now.

Stephen: I wasn’t really impressed with his sophomore film, but I think he definitely improved a lot between his sophomore film and his recently-released junior film, so that’s good to see his trajectory is definitely up, whereas his sophomore film he wasn’t really pulling a lot. The thing that shows a lot in his film is his ability to work in space, so they used him a lot on screen passes, him working against the second level, linebackers, safeties, picking up guys in the secondary, and that’s tough to do at that height, at that size. So it’s definitely good to see that on film. I do think he is squarely in “tackle size,” it’s hard for a 6-6, 6-7 guy to play guard, and I think his skill set is best toward a right tackle position. It’s good to get a guy on campus this early, and this past weekend was such beautiful weather, it’s hard to pick a better weekend in Michigan to visit.

Listen to the full discussion below.

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