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How Big Ten visits will be different for Domani Jackson, other football recruits this fall

It’ll be very different for recruiting visits this season.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 03 Penn State at Michigan Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On this week’s Future Brew, the boys discuss the (unfortunate) landscape of unofficial visits to Big Ten schools this fall and how different it will be for guys like 2022 five-star cornerback Domani Jackson, once he makes his venture to Ann Arbor next month.

Von: Let’s move on to Domani Jackson, who obviously is not only one of the top players in the country, but definitely one of the top players on Michigan’s board. No. 3 overall on the composite, a cornerback from Santa Ana, California, plays at Mater Dei. He, according to Greg Biggins of 247Sports, is gonna be visiting Ann Arbor in the very near future. He’s going to visit when Michigan plays Wisconsin at the Big House in November. Pretty good news here because you hadn’t really heard a whole lot from Domani over the last few months.

Jon: Yeah, it’s huge news. He’s never visited Michigan before, despite being such a big fan of it growing up, so that’s going to be an important factor to check off. It was gonna be really hard to commit without visiting first, so that’s a great thing to be able to check off the list. I know it was announced players can get four tickets to the games — I don’t know if he’s going to be able to be in the stadium or not — but either way he’s gonna get as much of the five-star treatment as the coaches can get for him. I think this is a huge sign for Michigan’s chances here, they always knock if out of the park on visits, so him wanting to come all the way across the country definitely signals to me that he’s strongly considering Michigan, probably in those top two or three with schools like USC and Clemson and Ohio State for sure.

Stephen: Yeah, it’s gonna be weird, too, because how do you do that without being a little shady. Like ‘hey, are you using your four tickets?’” It’s a rule of kind of no rules, right? Because how is the NCAA gonna — I’m sure they have their hands full, so it’s gonna be a little strange. I’m interested to see how it actually works out. But Jon is right, getting a guy across the country, to me that shows it’s closer to a top five or even a top three (for Jackson). But that shows coming across the country for something like that shows his level of interest. That’s really great and I think Michigan stands out among a lot of other schools when they do get guys on campus. It’s one of the better campuses to visit overall, in my biased opinion, but it sounds like Michigan has their all-star cast with Harbaugh, Brown and Zordich on the forefront of conversation with Jackson. So Michigan better do all they can to try and get him that ticket or at least put him on a good self-guided tour path.

Listen to the full discussion below.

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