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Discussing the most likely DT to commit to Michigan’s 2021 class

There are two guys left — are both an option?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 13 Wisconsin at Michigan

On this week’s Future Brew, Von and Jon discuss the two remaining targets at defensive tackle for Michigan in the 2021 class, four-stars Rayshaun Benny and George Rooks, and which one would be more likely to eventually commit if the Wolverines were only able to take in one more defensive tackle.

Von: The other prospect we talked about last week is George Rooks, who I would Imagine (Michigan) would probably want to turn up the heat on as the 2021 class kind of winds down a little bit. He’s a defensive tackle from New Jersey. Big-time prospect, a four-star guy. A couple crystal balls in here for Michigan, Jon — I just don’t see it quite honestly. At the end of the day, I think Rayshaun Benny will be the defensive tackle that ends up committing. And just because of the bodies they got on the defensive line already, I think it would be a lot of guys all at one position if Rooks and Benny were to commit to Michigan. Maybe they’re able to squeeze both in, maybe I’m wrong — I’d like to be wrong because you can never have too many good interior defensive linemen — but the way I see it, they probably get one of those guys, not both.

Jon: I’m kinda getting Drew Kendall vibes from George Rooks here. He planned to commit for a while, and then ends up pushing it back, and he said he didn’t wanna do it during the season, so we may have to wait longer. I don’t think it’s super positive for Michigan. We’ve seen it happen a few times this cycle where Michigan gets a big lead on a guy and then he just waits and waits and doesn’t commit. I don’t think that’s ever a good sign for any school. My hopes are kinda diminishing for Rooks ending up in the class. I think they would take both if they (wanted to commit); it’s been reported before that the number they want to hit in the class is 25 and they are at 20 right now after Casey Phinney flipped and they lost Markus Allen. So I think they’ll have room. But like you said, the target board is narrow right now. There’s a spot for Donovan Edwards, there’s a spot for another cornerback or two, but other than that there’s really no other positions besides defensive tackle that could use another body.

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