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Five-star QB commit J.J. McCarthy emphatically responds to Michigan’s woes this season

The five-star quarterback makes his stance clear on the Wolverines.

J.J. McCarthy’s Twitter

The Michigan Wolverines were humbled and embarrassed in primetime on Saturday night at the hands of the Wisconsin Badgers. This has led to a third-straight week of very loud questions about the future of the program, but what if the most level-headed perspective is coming from a teenager? That’s where we find ourselves after a 1-3 start.

Five-star quarterback commit J.J. McCarthy, who fans are hoping will remain steadfast in his commitment to Michigan, took to Twitter on Sunday morning to share perspective in the state of the program.

“I want all Michigan fans to do this. Take 3 deep breaths... And have faith,” McCarthy said. “Faith that every single Coach, player, employee in that building is doing everything they possibly can to be great.

“This great university demands excellence. This great fan base demands excellence. Everything that surrounds this university, is simply just pure drive for excellence. Know that every single person associated with the football program is striving for excellence.

“There is always light at the end of the tunnel. They will not reach that light if it is being clouded by darkness. Support is the only thing that they need right now. EVERY single one of you has the power to contribute to the GOAL. We are all in this together.”

This is the type of leadership needed in the locker room at the moment. Unfortunately, it is still months away from potentially coming to pass. The good news is that it appears the talented passer is still very much on board and all-in.

A large assortment of recruits were together on Saturday night watching the game in Ann Arbor. It appears likely that this is the message that will be sent from McCarthy to his peers in the class.

We’ll see if it’s enough to hold on.