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Pair of Michigan 2021 commits reaffirm pledges to program, say they’ll sign

Two Michigan commits are planning to sign amid questions about the class’ stability.

Notre Dame v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines are floundering on the football field at the moment, leaving some things up in the air as it pertains to the 2021 recruiting class. With Jim Harbaugh’s contract status up in the air and the diminishing returns on the field, many have questioned if it will be possible to keep this class together.

It’s impossible to know that as of right now, but the incoming batch of recruits can begin to sign with the program on Dec. 16 through Dec. 18, so resolution on this front could be coming too long. At least for now, a pair of commits have come back out of the woodwork to reaffirm their pledges to the program.

In the last day or so, three-stars in safety Rod Moore and wide receiver Andrel Anthony — from the states of Ohio and Michigan, respectively — have gone on the record to say they do intend to sign with Michigan when the early period begins on Dec. 16.

These are notable because, at least in terms of what our Jonathan Simmons posted on Thursday about players that could leave the class, both Moore and Anthony were considered guys who might be on the fence about putting their commitments in stone. Something clicked with them to reaffirm, so that’s positive news for the class.

That might not make people feel about about someone like four-star wideout Xavier Worthy, who some believe will flip to Alabama on the 16th. But there is at least some stability right now — including five-star quarterback J.J. McCarthy — who has been doing yeoman’s work in trying to keep the group together. We’ll take any small wins in a year that has gone like this one.