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2022 four-star QB Nicco Marchiol talks moving to Arizona, relationship with UM

Maize n Brew catches up with Marchiol.

2022 four-star quarterback Nicco Marchiol has a unique road ahead of him as it pertains to his 2020 season. The prospect moved from Aurora, Colorado to Chandler, Arizona and now has to get acclimated with new surroundings, teammates, and coaches.

During a time where Marchiol thought he would be able to get to know his teammates on and off a practice field, he isn’t able to do so due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing guidelines that go along with it.

“I was really looking forward to getting to know all my teammates and build a relationship with them,” Marchiol said. “But now that’s very tough.” In the meantime Marchiol is trying to stay as prepared as he can by continuing to throw and work out. “Lifting and throwing everyday. I throw with my QB coach Mike Giovando, and I lift with my dad,” Marchiol said. “What helps pass the time is either hanging with my family or swimming outside at the pool.”

Marchiol said he spoke on the phone with Michigan quarterbacks coach Ben McDaniels recently and remains very close with him and the program. McDaniels checked in to see how Marchiol and his family are doing and what he’s been up to these days.

Despite a bump in the road in terms of being with his new teammates in Arizona, Marchiol is amped up to play for a new high school. “I am super excited. It seems like a great fit. My family was moving to Arizona and we checked out all the top dogs, including Chandler and Saguaro and finally decided Hamilton was the best fit,” Marchiol said. “I really like their dedication to football and how much they care about the players. Everyone is very close and trustworthy. I think this is crucial in wanting to go far into the season.”

Marchiol is currently ranked as the No. 5 pro-style quarterback in the 2022 class by 247 Sports and the No. 90 overall prospect. Both crystal ball predictions have Marchiol committing to Michigan.