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WATCH: Freshman Feature Episode 6 — Evaluating 2020 DE Kris Jenkins

Taking a look at the recruitment, film and projection of the true freshman defensive end.

Kris Jenkins is one of the prospects I knew pretty little about going into my Freshman Feature episodes. After putting together this video, he may be my choice for the sleeper of the class for the Michigan Wolverines.

While his stats don’t “wow” you, the film shows a skill set that provides a floor MUCH higher than I would expect from someone ranked outside of the top 500 on the 247Sports composite. He has advanced hands and an excellent frame to grow into. Add a solid variety of pass-rush moves and some explosiveness off the edge, and that floor only gets higher.

When considering both his father and uncle had extensive NFL careers as well, it seems like a matter of “where” he will contribute rather than “if” for me. Check out the different timestamps below to get a sense of what Jenkins brings to the Wolverines for 2020 onward:

  • School - 0:43
  • Stats - 1:12
  • Rankings - 1:34
  • Recruitment - 2:25
  • Scouting - 3:46
  • Film - 5:23
  • Comparison - 9:43
  • Projection - 11:07

Let me know who you want to see in the next episodes of Freshman Feature in the comments below, as we’re quickly approaching the (hopeful) 2020 season.