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WATCH: Freshman Feature Episode 8 — Evaluating 2020 viper Will Mohan

Taking a look at the recruitment, film and projection of the true freshman viper.

There’s nothing more “Don Brown” than pulling an underrated safety/linebacker hybrid out of the northeast as a true viper. And no, I’m not talking about Khaleke Hudson. Despite being ranked 460th on the composite according to the 247Sports composite rankings, Will Mohan has the potential to be a future star in the hybrid role for the Michigan Wolverines.

His tape shows fearlessness off the edge and a skillset that’s easy to see why the Wolverines pursued him so heavily. Fending off a late push from Ohio State, Michigan was able to add another versatile weapon to the defense.

You can find the timestamps below for different parts of the video:

  • School - 0:23
  • Stats - 0:43
  • Metrics - 0:59
  • Rankings - 1:39
  • Recruitment - 2:12
  • Scouting - 3:20
  • Film - 4:55
  • Comparison - 8:49
  • Projection - 10:10

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