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The latest on Michigan’s chances with 2021 four-star RB Donovan Edwards

Edwards would be a huge addition to the class.

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Michigan still does not have a running back committed to the 2021 class, but that’s okay because the staff is patiently waiting on four-star Donovan Edwards to make a commitment.

It appears they are all in on the highly-regarded West Bloomfield native, and as discussed on this week’s Future Brew with special guest Brice Marich, Edwards may be the only back to be included in Michigan’s 2021 class, if he chooses to commit to Michigan.

Von: Another guy I wanted to ask Brice about was Donovan Edwards. Obviously another big in-state guy. No. 34 overall on the composite, the No. 3 ranked running back, arguably you could say he is the top ranked running back in this class. 5-foot-11, 190 (pounds) from West Bloomfield. Pretty much all the crystal balls are in on U-M at this point, but he’s been open to other schools. He’s taken a visit to Georgia, and I know that he is communicating quite a bit with the Oklahoma coaching staff. So Brice, where is Michigan at in this recruitment? In my opinion, just reading up on everything and I’ve spoken with Donovan a couple times, I think it’s gonna be U-M at the end of the day. I wouldn’t be too worried about this one if I were a Michigan recruiting fan following all this stuff. But you still have to worry about Georgia and Oklahoma and some of these other top ranked schools that have offered him. But in my opinion, U-M is probably out in front here, what do you say, Brice?

Brice: I’d probably agree with you on that assessment. I’ve got a crystal ball in for Michigan. I wanna say I might have been the first one for the Michigan crystal balls to be put in. That was quite a bit ago. He’s gotten like Kendall and Spindler, though. He’s probably gonna take his time, he wants to take his visits. You mention some of those schools — Oklahoma, Alabama I know he wants to get out to, a couple other schools so he still wants to get out there. But if they don’t have a season, and if he can’t really make these visits unless they’re a dead period visit, which means these self-guided visits. You can’t really talk to the coaches, you can’t really see anyone. It’s kinda tough you can’t get that full experience, whereas at Michigan — he’s been there several times. He’s got a really good relationship with all the coaches, I mean, every coach, too. He’s got a good relationship with all the commits. In this recruitment, Michigan has done a fabulous job in terms of their recruiting approach. Not pushing him, really prioritizing him saying “you’re our guy, we’re gonna wait for you. No rush. The class is filling up but don’t worry, you have a spot. You are our guy. You are the centerpiece of our class.” And I think that is resonating with him. I think that’s playing a big deal in this recruitment.

Listen to the rest of what Marich had to say in the podcast below. Our Edwards discussion begins around the 16-minute mark.

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