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WATCH: Freshman Feature Episode 7 — Evaluating 2020 DE Jaylen Harrell

Taking a look at the recruitment, film and projection of the true freshman defensive end.

The success of Josh Uche has allowed the Michigan Wolverines to build up a very nice recruiting pitch for the defensive end/outside linebacker prospects. Jaylen Harrell absolutely fits this mold, having played anywhere from linebacker to defensive end, even with some running back mixed in.

Recruiting services have a tough time ranking Harrell, as there’s a bit of a disagreement on where he’ll end up. One thing’s for sure, though: Don Brown has a heck of an athlete to work with. Check out the timestamps below for my coverage of Harrell and what I think he brings to the Wolverines in 2020.

  • School - 0:43
  • Stats - 1:06
  • Rankings - 1:28
  • Recruitment - 2:13
  • Scouting - 3:44
  • Film - 4:45
  • Comparison - 7:50
  • Projection - 9:37

Let me know who you want to see in the next episodes of Freshman Feature in the comments below, as we’re quickly approaching the (hopeful) 2020 season.