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WATCH: Freshman Feature Episode 9 — Evaluating 2020 linebacker Nikhai Hill-Green

Taking a look at the recruitment, film, and projection of the true freshman linebacker.

Sometimes when you watch the film of a linebacker, all you can think is “wow, I’m glad I’m not getting hit by that guy.” Nikhai Hill-Green brings a physicality to the linebacker position that the Michigan Wolverines can surely utilize. He joins fellow 2020 pledges Blake Corum & Osman Savage from the Maryland powerhouse high school St. Frances Academy, coached by former Michigan assistant / dad Biff Poggi.

Hill-Green is definitely more of the “classic” mold of a college linebacker, which is being waned out for the Devin Bushes of the world. Due to this shift in both the college game and in the NFL, his ranking likely is 100+ spots lower than it would have been in 2010. Regardless, he brings some adept lateral movement, agility, and a level of physicality that is exciting for the 2020 class.

You can find the timestamps below for different parts of the video:

  • School - 0:27
  • Rankings - 1:23
  • Recruitment - 1:57
  • Scouting - 2:50
  • Film - 3:55
  • Comparison - 9:20
  • Projection - 10:49

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