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Where Michigan’s latest 2021 OL offer would fit in this class

Ed Warinner doesn’t appear set on his 2021 haul along the offensive line.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s Future Brew, Von, Jon and Stephen discuss Michigan’s most recent offer in the 2021 class, three-star offensive lineman Remington Strickland.

Von: Michigan sent out a 2021 offer, and with this 2021 class pretty much wrapped up I’d figure there wouldn’t be too many of these left, but Ed Warinner — he’s still looking for another guy to round out that offensive line group. He sent the offer to Remington Strickland. He is 6-foot-4, 292 (pounds) from Sugar Land, Texas. They have him listed as a center of 247, but he is allegedly being recruited to play either guard or right tackle at Michigan.

Jon: I think (the offer) could be a response to Casey Phinney’s de-commitment and Allen’s, too, just having more space than they thought going into this. So they must really like Strickland a lot to offer him. I’m not really sure about tackle; on his film he basically leans on guys and they fall over. He doesn’t play in a very high division, so I think it’s gonna be a question to see if he can hold up against players that aren’t clearly outmatched against him, but he does look to move well. He’s an interesting prospect for sure.

Von: Stephen, lemme ask you this. Do you think that Michigan should continue recruiting the offensive line position, given the four guys they have, or would you rather have them go after maybe another position or stash that scholarship for the 2022 class?

Stephen: I’m biased in this because my strategy is always take as many large humans, specifically offensive linemen, as you can. I just don’t think you can have enough given how hard it is to project those positions. I think this is more they really like his film rather than they need to use a scholarship. Like you said, they can bank that for the next year. Watching his film, he’s definitely a ball of clay to mold. Even with the guys committed, I haven’t seen a guy move in space this well at this size very often. I think he’s very underrated for that skill alone, and that’s something you can judge regardless of the level of competition he’s going up against.

Listen to the full discussion on the podcast below.