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WATCH: JJ McCarthy Every Snap Analysis vs Edgewater

Breaking down every snap for the 5-star IMG Academy QB

Last week, I covered the first game for JJ McCarthy in an IMG Academy uniform. I decided to follow that up with a live stream analysis for the week two performance from the future signal caller for the Michigan Wolverines.

The top-ranked team in the country, IMG Academy squared off against the #28 team in the country, Edgewater, winning the contest 48-7. They offered a much tougher match-up for IMG, limiting McCarthy to only 154 passing yards on 12 for 21 passing. He did throw 1 TD pass to 0 INTs, so despite a quieter performance compared to his 5 TD outing in week 1, McCarthy did well to lead his team to a blowout victory.

Some brief analysis bullets below:

  • Edgewater did an excellent job getting McCarthy off his rhythm in the first half.
  • There were a few plays where McCarthy was a bit reckless with the ball, so that’s something to watch moving forward.
  • He’s better on his feet than I initially thought. IMG definitely doesn’t take advantage of his legs in the same way that I expect Michigan to.
  • Consistency will be the key in McCarthy’s future. He flashes a ton of impressive plays, but counters those with hesitancy, mistakes, and sloppy technique.

Let me know your thoughts on McCarthy’s performance, as well as this format for potential future analysis videos.