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Would Tavierre Dunlap’s decision affect Donovan Edwards’?

Michigan is still in need of a RB in the 2021 class.

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On this week’s Future Brew, Von and Jon discuss a couple 2021 recruits getting ready to make their final decision, but could the decision of three-star running back Tavierre Dunlap affect what Donovan Edwards does?

Von: Another kid who may end up making a commitment at some point in the near future is three-star running back Tavierre Dunlap. He’s narrowed his schools down to two it sounds like, and Michigan is one of them, along with Oklahoma State. Quite a bit to like from Dunlap. He’s got a 4.63 40-time, a 4.49 shuttle time, a vertical of 33.5. The numbers don’t blow you away by any means, but you flip on the tape and you see a guy who really looks like he knows how to play the position.

Jon: I think he’s another good option. Michigan’s always been it in, there just hasn’t been much talk about him. Utah and USC were thought to be doing well, but then they dropped out. The follow up question is “what does it mean for Donovan Edwards?” And I don’t think it’s gonna hurt Michigan’s chances with him, as long as they are open and talk to him about taking another back. He’s not opposed to being in a two-running back class, and he’s said as much. I think it’s more about who the other player is and the coaches being open with him, and not making him rush or trying to pressure him about spots remaining in the class.

Listen to the full conversation in this week’s podcast below.

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