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Recruits give predictions for Michigan/Michigan State game

The players being recruited by both Michigan and Michigan State let their voices be heard.

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Michigan/Michigan State is always one of the most intense games of the season for both schools involved. The in-state rivalry is always sure to cause drifts in households all across the state of Michigan, and it could shape the way some in-state recruits look at both programs moving forward.

High school football recruits being targeted by both the Wolverines and Spartans have chimed in with their thoughts on how things will shake out this Saturday. Here are their full predictions:

2022 four-star WR U-M commit Tyler Morris

“I think it should be a great game with two highly ranked teams, and Michigan coming out on top.”

2022 three-star CB U-M commit Myles Pollard

I think it’s going to be a close one for sure, but I think our running game is going to wear State down eventually, and I think our front seven is going to be able to stop State’s running back (Kenneth) Walker.”

2022 three-star DL commit Kenneth Grant

“I think we are going to win. We just gotta stop Walker and wide receiver (Jalen Nailor).”

2022 three-star DL U-M commit Mason Graham

“It’s going to be a great battle between two great teams that are both undefeated. Michigan’s defense is on a roll and is solid, so I believe they will hold off MSU and take the win. Michigan all the way. Go Blue.”

2022 three-star OL U-M commit Alessandro Lorenzetti

“I think it’s going to be a battle but we’re gonna come out victorious. Excited to watch.

“I would say 35 - 17 for Michigan.”

2022 three-star OL U-M commit Connor Jones

I think that the Michigan vs. Michigan State will be a good game. Both teams are doing pretty good this year, but I feel like Michigan will still have a good dominant win over Michigan State.”

2022 three-star LB U-M commit Aaron Alexander

“Honestly, I don’t think we’ll skip a beat. MSU has been doing good, as well, but I believe our defense is playing as a whole right now and is going to stuff their run game. Our offense is much of the same — I really don’t have to say much about our run game, it speaks for itself. But we will come out on top for sure.”

2022 three-star ATH MSU commit Shannon Blair

“I feel like it’s going to be one of the biggest games of the year because both teams are undefeated and they’re rivals and not far from each other. Also with College Gameday being in attendance, that just brings and draws more people to come watch and support, and I know the Spartans gone end the game with the W.”

2022 three-star OL MSU commit Kristian Phillips

“You know I’m going MSU all the way, but I think its gonna be a close one.”

2022 four-star DB Austin Ausberry

“It’s gonna be a game to watch! Two undefeated teams.”

2023 four-star in-state DL Jalen Thompson (recruited by both schools)

“Well, I don’t want to pick sides, and I think it’s going to be a great game because they both start off fast and know how to work together.”

2023 four-star DL AJ Hoffler (recruited by both schools)

“I think it’s gonna be a great game. They’re both very good teams this year with good defenses, so I think it’s gonna be a long, low-scoring game, but will be a very fun game to watch. I don’t have a winner (prediction) because I love both teams, but I say a low to mid 20 score game.”

2023 four-star OL Cole Dellinger (recruited by both schools)

“I think next week will be a great game, I think it could go both ways in the end. It’s gonna be an awesome game to watch! I’m not sure (what the score will be) but I know it will be a close game. I will be going.”

It’s pretty clear the line has been drawn in the sand for Michigan commits and MSU commits as far as which school they think will win this weekend. The kids who are being recruited by both schools didn’t want to tip their hand as far as who they think will win, but do generally think it will be a close game, which is completely fair.

Regardless, eyeballs will be glued to television screens all across the country this Saturday for the game, which bodes well for both their recruiting endeavors moving forward.