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A quick, early glance at some of Michigan’s top 2023 targets

It all starts with five-star QB Dante Moore.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 30 Michigan at Michigan State Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Among the topics on this week’s Future Brew podcast with Von Lozon and The Wolverines’ EJ Holland centered around a preview of some of Michigan’s top targets in the 2023 class.

Von: Finally, I wanna get your thoughts on 2023 guys and who you think the overall top targets in 23 are. You mentioned Dante Moore, who in my opinion should be numbers 1-10 on Michigan’s top board overall in this 23 class. Having an in-state kid, five-star quarterback recruit — if you’re Michigan, you can’t miss on a guy like that. He’s an immense talent at 6-2, 195 or so, he plays at MLK in Detroit and, obviously, they’re going all in on him. We don’t have to talk too much about him, because he’s clearly one of the top overall targets in this class, but wanna get your thoughts on who you think are a few of the other guys to keep your eye on in this 2023 class?

EJ: Obviously, you mentiojned Dante Moore, but he is the crown jewel of next cycle. Things start and end with Dante Moore. He will kinda set the tone for the cycle. Right now, I think Michigan is in a really good spot, but so is Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan State. It’ll be interesting to see how his recruitment shakes out. Michigan’s in a good spot but still a long way to go there. Some other guys that come to mind — obviously sticking in-state and around the Midwest — Amir Herring and Semaj Morgan, the West Bloomfield duo. Amir Herring, one of the top interior offensive lineman in the country; Semaj Morgan, an explosive slot wide receiver. I think right now, Michigan leads for both those guys, they have the Ron Bellamy connection, so I think closing early with them would be really big. Out here in Chicagoland, you have Kankakee defensive back Jyaire Hill. He is onyl a three-star guy right now, but I think he’s going to be a national top 250 type player, maybe even a 150 type player. I went out and saw him a couple weeks ago and he impressed me so much, so I think he’s a top of the board guy. Other guys out of the region, Nyckoles Harbor out of the DMV is just a freak athlete — he runs an insane 10.3 100-meter as a linebacker type, so he’s going to be a top overall priority with Michigan looking to get back in the DMV next cycle. You also have Jalen Brown out of Miami, a wide receiver who actually has Desmond Howard as a mentor. Michigan has gotten him on campus twice, including the game against Washington. He’s a guy I think they can pull out of south Florida. Tackett Curtis is a really big name to know, a top 100 guy out of Louisiana, a big imposing linebacker who has visited Michigan twice. Ron Bellamy has some really strong connections being a Louisiana native and being able to relate to guys in the Boot. I was just in Dallas over the weekend and saw some 2023 targets including two that will be visiting for the Ohio State game — Trey Wilson and Anthony James. Trey is a four-star level edge rusher out of the Dallas area. He is former teammate of Ike Iwunnah, who signed with Michigan last cycle, he visited back in the summer, so getting him back on campus is big. Anthony James is currently committed to Texas A&M but is a native of Flint, still has a lot family in Michigan so he is really excited to check out Michigan and a guy I think they can flip. And then Jayden Limar, the No. 1 guy on the running back board. He visited for the Washington game and loves Mike Hart, loves Michigan and is trying to get back for the Ohio State game as well.

Listen to the entire podcast below.

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