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Michigan’s top 10 targets for the 2023 recruiting class

Taking a look at Michigan’s top prospects for next cycle.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

This week, the Michigan Wolverines have signed what will end up being the large majority of their 2022 class. That said, it’s never too early to start looking at their top targets for 2023.

Here are 10 players Michigan is targeting heavily and would be great additions to the class.

Detroit King (MI) Dante Moore - Five-star, No. 9 overall, No. 3 QB

This is the easiest guy to put on the list. Moore is going to be the be-all, end-all recruit until he commits to Michigan or goes somewhere else. He’s been positive about Michigan on social media during its run, and Brian Kelly leaving Notre Dame should also help since that school is a major threat for him. He also grew up as an Ohio State and of course the Buckeyes will always be in the race.

Other contenders: Notre Dame, Ohio State

Carroll (DC) Nyckoles Harbor - Five-star, No. 30 overall, No. 3 ATH

There may not be a more impressive athlete in the 2023 class than Harbor. At 6-foot-5, 225 pounds, Harbor runs an eye-popping 10.38 100-meter dash. Wherever he goes, Harbor could also be a member of the track team. He visited Michigan for a game this season and his track coach is a Michigan alum, so there are some advantages that could tilt the scales in Michigan’s favor here.

Other contenders: Penn State, Oklahoma

Gulliver Prep (FL) Jalen Brown - Five-star, No. 35 overall, No. 5 WR

Another guy who is no slouch on the track is Brown, who runs at 10.66 in the 100 meters (which only makes Harbor’s time look crazier in perspective considering Brown is 6-foot-1, 170 pounds). Brown visited for the Washington game this season and Desmond Howard is a volunteer coach at his school, so you know he’s getting Michigan talked up to him on a regular basis.

Other contenders: Miami, Florida State

Findlay (OH) Luke Montgomery - Four-star, No. 64 overall, No. 6 OT

If Michigan wants to make more of an effort in the state of Ohio, Montgomery would be a good place to start. Usually these efforts are futile, but Michigan has built a good foundation so far. Montgomery can play on either side of the ball, but Sherrone Moore being his primary recruiter probably means Michigan wants him more on the offensive line.

Other contenders: Ohio State, Notre Dame, Clemson

Many (LA) Tackett Curtis - Four-star, No. 65 overall, No. 5 LB

Curtis is a rare elite player from Louisiana who could leave to play football up north. In fact, some reporters think Wisconsin is currently leading. The Brian Kelly hire at LSU could change things, so that is an interesting development to follow.

Other contenders: Wisconsin, LSU

Rainier Beach (WA) Caleb Presley - Four-star, No. 83 overall, No. 8 CB

There is a heavy emphasis on the state of Washington for the 2023 class, and Presley is one of the top guys in the state. He visited for the game against Washington earlier this season. Presley also took a visit to Michigan State, so it doesn’t look like he’s afraid to leave the area for college.

Other contenders: Michigan State, Oregon, Washington

Pleasant Valley (IA) Andrew Depaepe - Four-star, No. 136 overall, No. 19 DL

Depaepe was on campus for Michigan’s two biggest recruiting weekends this season, the Washington and Ohio State games, so he has to have a positive outlook on the direction of the program. Getting him away from the in-state Hawkeyes will be the biggest challenge, so the Big Ten Championship game had to have helped.

Other contenders: Iowa, Nebraska

West Bloomfield (MI) Amir Herring - Four-star, No. 205 overall, No. 10 IOL

The most surprising prospect not to have committed to Michigan yet is Herring, even though he’s said he wants to decide over the summer. Everything makes sense for him to come to Michigan given his connection with Ron Bellamy and his teammate Semaj Morgan already pulling the trigger for the Wolverines.

Other contenders: Michigan State, Penn State

Simeon (IL) Malik Elzy - Four-star, No. 259 overall, No. 33 WR

Michigan was the first school to offer Elzy, a fact that could carry a lot of weight in his recruitment. The staff really likes Elzy’s game and have recruited the state of Illinois well with the help of Sherrone Moore. At 6-foot-3, he’s a welcome body on the outside.

Other contenders: Notre Dame, Ole Miss

Oswego (IL) Deakon Tonielli - Three-star, No. 378 overall, No. 23 TE

Tonielli may be Michigan’s top target at tight end for his cycle. He’s been reciprocating interest with the staff as well, and he could be a candidate to get some Crystal Balls soon. Tonielli was just on campus for Michigan’s win over Ohio State.

Other contenders: Iowa State, Minnesota, Tennessee