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2023 in-state five-star QB Dante Moore is Michigan’s top priority in his class

Moore is the highest ranked player in the state of Michigan in 2023.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

On this week’s Future Brew, Von Lozon and Jon Simmons discussed 10 early top targets for the Michigan Wolverines in the 2023 class, and the clear cut top guy is in-state quarterback Dante Moore, who slings the rock for Detroit MLK High School.

Von: Let’s start right at the top and talk about Dante Moore, the five-star quarterback from Detroit. No. 1 overall on the board, I don’t think you can really debate that. He is the highest of priorities for the 23 class. He is a highly talented player at the quarterback position. He’s 6-2, 195, No. 8 on the composite, No. 1 player in the state of Michigan and No. 3 at the position. I can’t stress enough how high a priority he is in this class because the other players in this recruitment are Notre Dame, Penn State, Michigan State, so you are going up against a few rivals in the Big Ten and then also with Notre Dame. So, again, I can’t state this enough — top priority, just with the position, being an in-state guy, being as highly talented as he is. If they don’t get him in the class, all bets are off pretty much. You gotta do everything you can to lock him in, get him the greatest NIL deal of all time. Jon, I don’t know if you feel similarly to me, I would imagine you do, so I’ll let you take the floor here.

Jon: Yeah, he’s pretty much a must-get for the class. Michigan’s really putting all their eggs in his basket. He’s the only quarterback they’ve offered in the class that is still uncommitted, so they are going after him hard. And I think this season is exactly what they needed to maintain their standing in the race. Moore grew up as an Ohio State fan, so there’s nothing the Buckeyes would love more than to steal a generational talent from Michigan’s backyard. But I think beating them and winning the Big Ten Championship is going to go a long way here. If Michigan wants to land him, they’re going to have to keep recruiting him hard, contact him every day, whatever it takes.

Listen to the entire podcast below.

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