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Scouting new Michigan commit: 2022 four-star WR Tay’Shawn Trent

The Wolverines have the big bodied receiver they need.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

With a need for bigger wide receivers on the roster, Michigan scored with the commitment of East Detroit (MI) 2022 four-star Tay’Shawn Trent last week.

At 6-foot-4, 210 pounds, Trent is a viable outside and red zone threat with great size and length. As a junior, the four-star caught 32 passes for 548 yards and 11 touchdowns. Catching over a third of his passes for touchdowns emphasizes his usefulness close to the goal line.

East Detroit doesn’t play the greatest competition, and it showed in its game against Roseville that I watched for this report. Despite the sloppiness, Trent caught five passes, including two touchdowns and a two-point conversion.

Trent’s two touchdown grabs are good examples of what he brings to the table as an athlete. His first score is what you’d expect from the big-bodied receiver.

Within the five, Trent runs a fade to the corner of the end zone. The quarterback throws up a jump ball and Trent reaches out at the absolute peak to secure the ball over a good break-up attempt from the defensive back. He keeps control of the ball throughout the acrobatic catch and has six.

Jonathon Simmons

The only receiver Michigan’s had who could go up and grab a pass like that in recent history is Nico Collins.

Before watching the tape, I thought it would be good for Trent to bulk up and be more of a flex tight end. But in this game, he showed surprising quickness and burst that leads me to think he can separate without using just his size.

Against zone coverage, Trent bursts off the line to eat up the cushion. When he gets the cornerback to turn and run, he breaks down and curls back, leaving him wide open. The quarterback throws a low ball, which Trent is able to dig out using his long frame.

Jonathon Simmons

While Trent has good short area quickness, his long speed is a bit of a question. On his second touchdown grab, he runs a go route against man coverage. He beats his guy off the line, but is only able to create a yard of separation between him and the cornerback. In a lower level league, I’d like to see Trent get more space.

However, Trent is able to smoothly grab the ball over his shoulder in stride and get into the end zone.

Jonathon Simmons

Trent also plays outside linebacker in East Detroit’s 3-4 scheme and showed some flashes. I think Trent could play defense if he wanted to, and not just in a Michigan-State-fan-salty-about-losing-him way.

He got a couple free runs at the quarterback for a sack, and is able to dip his shoulder to get around the edge. Here, he’s rushing off the left side. When the ball carrier is about to run past him, Trent is able to bend and change direction to make the tackle for loss.

Jonathon Simmons

If nothing else, this shows Trent’s great athleticism and body control. Of course, he was also able to show that on offense as well.

Jonathon Simmons

I think Trent is underrated as a borderline four-star on the composite and three-star on 247Sports. Playing against poor competition and his lack of top end speed are the knocks against him, but his natural size and fluidity are going to make him a problem to deal with.

He absolutely can remain a full-time wide receiver at Michigan, especially since there aren’t too many guys with his size on the roster at his position.