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Two versatile 2022 football prospects plan summer visit to Ann Arbor

These two, and more, will be on campus from June 18-20.

Michigan v Maryland Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

On this week’s Future Brew podcast, the boys discuss more visitors lining up to check out Ann Arbor this summer, including two prospects in the trenches who have never been to Michigan before.

Von: Since our last podcast here, more visitors have been finalized, and two more guys have been added to that Victors Weekend list that we’ve been talking about. Those guys are four-star offensive lineman Lucas Heyer and three-star defensive end Joseph Adedire. We’ve talked about Heyer a little bit, but he’s 6-foot-5, 307 pounds, from Saint Paul, Minnesota. One crystal ball in for Michigan as of today. So far, his Ann Arbor visit is the only one he has set up officially. Adedire, not really a guy we’ve talked a ton about, but it looks like he’ll be a top target-ish guy. He’s 6-foot-3, 250 pounds from Arlington, Texas. He’ll also be officially visiting Georgia Tech the weekend prior. Jon, let’s talk about Adedire real quick. You wrote about him on the Tuesday Recruiting Roundup, and his recruitment is really starting to take off here.

Jon: I think he’s a good ID by the staff, I think he has potential to be a riser and get some bigger offers down the road. He’s definitely an EDGE prospect, right now between defensive end or outside linebacker is yet to be seen. He’s listed at 250 pounds, but watching his film, he doesn’t really look that big at all, so he carries weight well. He’s a pure of-the-edge type of guy who has a lot of production in the state of Texas. He gets to the quarterback a lot. Adedire definitely has the potential to rise up Michigan’s board, and confirming that official visit can move him up a lot, too. I think he also has interest in Northwestern, so academics is something he prioritizes, so we’ll see where his recruitment is in June, but either way Michigan found a good guy here and could be a good addition to the class.

Von: Heyer is definitely one of the more talented guys they’re going after. They’ve already got a left tackle, but Heyer fits the mold of what you’d look for in a right tackle, but there is some positional versatility there as well. So Stephen, what do you like about him?

Stephen: He’s got good size. The footwork is there as well. When he’s actually engaged with a guy, good luck, he’ll steam over you. I wanna see him fire off a bit quicker and a bit lower. That’s something where it’s kind of hard to judge how athletic he is because it looks like he’s standing up straighter just because of how tall he is comparatively. But I think his fire off could be a little quicker, but his ability to shift from one block to the next is really impressive. If he’s engaged with a defensive lineman shifting to a blitzing linebacker, that’s what I would call the eyebrow-raiser from his film. That shows a level of athleticism that is really important, and I think will translate to the next level.

Listen to the entire podcast below.

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