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What two recent Michigan recruiting visitors would bring to the new defense

These two guys fit the bill for the outside linebacker position under Mike Macdonald.

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Among the topics on this week’s Future Brew podcast include a couple of the edge/linebacker prospects who visited Ann Arbor last weekend — three-star Kevonte Henry and three-star Micah Pollard — what their best attributes are and how they’d fit in Michigan’s defense.

Von: Stephen, I wanted to talk to you about Henry specifically, because he isn’t a guy we’ve covered a ton. He was offered back in April — has really flown under the radar to these other edge/linebacker prospects, like Micah Pollard. What do you see on film on Henry that piqued Michigan’s interest to offer in the first place and get him out on a visit?

Stephen: Most interesting thing for me — he’s 6-4, so he’s pretty tall. He’s one of those estranger guys who looks bigger on film than you give him credit for. Sometimes with these guys it’s the opposite for me. Seems like he needs to add some weight to his frame, but he looks all of 6-4 with a long wingspan. And he’s able to track the play really well, plays with a great motor, has some really good footwork around the edge, he’s able to show off that bend that everyone talks about getting around the edge there. Still think he needs to improve his handwork quite a bit. He has a level of athleticism that is hard to replicate at that size. I like him overall.

Von: Jon, I would imagine Henry and Pollard are probably gonna be slated for that same position in Mike Macdonald’s defense here. What is it about these two guys that you like specifically, and is there one guy you like more than the other?

Jon: They definitely seem like those off-the-ball outside linebackers in a 3-4 scheme coming off the edge. I think I kinda like Pollard more at this point, but I haven’t watched much of Henry. I like Pollard’s length a lot and I think he has a projectable frame. I think either one would be a good addition. I’m not sure how many edge-type guys Michigan’s gonna take, but I think it’s gonna be a lot so there probably would be room for both if they wanted in, but I guess we’ll have to see.

Listen to the entire podcast below.

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