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How the dominant defensive performance can help with the Kenneth Grant recruitment

Michigan was a force on defense, and especially with the front seven, against Washington.

Washington v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

On this week’s Future Brew podcast, Von and Stephen recapped a few of the significant visitors from this past weekend’s Michigan/Washington game at the Big House. One player in particular who had a great experience was 2022 three-star defensive lineman Kenneth Grant, who is a top target for the Wolverines at his position. Von and Stephen discuss how the impressive performance by the defensive line can help in this recruitment.

Von: I think the way the defensive line played on Saturday helped with a prospect like Kenneth Grant, the three-star defensive lineman in this 2022 class who was also on hand for his official visit this past weekend. He’s 6-4, 335, the No. 511 overall prospect, from the state of Indiana. Has a final three of Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin. Honestly, for me, with the way the defensive line played, this really helps out with a prospect like Kenneth Grant, who made it publicly known he was really wanting to see the development from the defensive line this season. Now that he was able to see that up close, the Maize Out as well as the big win, obviously the dominant defensive line, and pretty much his entire family was there as well. Kind of makes me think Michigan is out in front at this point.

Stephen: Yeah, it’s a guy that has the Ohio State and Wisconsin offers. He’s still outside the top 500 overall on the composite, but ranked quite a bit higher on 247Sports. Exactly what you said — there is a lot of proof for Shaun Nua on the interior defensive line. To do that against a Power 5 opponent, there’s a reason Michigan invited a lot of guys to this game. Recruits want to see them prove it against actual Power 5-level competition. When a recruitment is going in the right direction, which we’ve seen go that way for Kenneth Grant, it’s just to keep on the path. Don’t ruin this thing, because Michigan had a good lead on him and are continuing to impress. And when you bring in a guy who brings in his family, coach, girlfriend, it’s all pointing in the right direction and Michigan continues to impress, and it’s nice to do that on the field as well. It’s tough — you’ll never see Ohio State go away if they’re really interested. It’s tricky with this when you mention how important it is to him to see the development of the defensive line. That’s when you start looking at the other programs — what is Ohio State doing on their interior defensive line? Against Oregon, how much weight does that hold with him as well? So that’s when you start trying to figure out how high that priority is on his list. That’s the only other thing I’m looking for here in the competition. But again, I think Michigan has a better chance with Kenneth Grant are continuing to impress there.

Listen to the full podcast below.

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