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Does Michigan’s recruiting strategy at WR change after the Ronnie Bell injury?

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If Bell comes back, the Wolverines could be set with the two guys they currently have.

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Among the topics on this week’s Future Brew podcast include the wide receiver position in the class of 2022. With the recent season-ending injury to Ronnie Bell — assuming the senior captain comes back for the 2022 season — should the Wolverines continue to actively go after other guys or still with the two receivers they currently have?

Von: I said on the podcast a couple weeks ago I thought Ronnie Bell would test the NFL waters, while Daylen Baldwin would return for another season at Michigan. In that scenario, that’d leave Michigan with just one receiver gone after this season. With Bell’s injury, things have kind of changed because of that and now I don’t know if any Michigan wide receiver leaves Ann Arbor after this season. Because of that, I feel things could potentially change with Michigan’s recruiting strategy at the wide receiver position in this 2022 class. They got two guys committed — four-star Tyler Morris and three-star in-stater Tayshawn Trent. Stephen, do you think Michigan at this point, if you assume Ronnie Bell comes back next season, and I’m just assuming Baldwin still stays. With all of that in consideration, do you think Michigan is set with the two guys they have now, or would you still like them to continue recruiting other guys and take a third guy regardless?

Stephen: I think the best approach would probably be to wait because I think I’m on the same page with you in terms of Ronnie Bell, but honestly we don’t know. Maybe he thinks he’s ready if he can test well and can heal quickly, maybe he’ll be able to sneak into the latter half of the draft. You’re not gonna have those discussions for a bit if you’re the staff, so they’re not really going to know what the direction is going to be in terms of the numbers. I do think Michigan should be good with the two guys they have. If they are going to take another guy, I think Amorion Walker is the mold of that you’re looking for. A guy you can recruit as either a wide receiver or defensive back, give some positional variability there. Even if their primary position is probably wide receiver, giving yourself that level of flexibility helps a little bit more because if it is a logjam, it’s not something where it’s like, “well, you’re a wide receiver and you’re out of luck.” You can easily shift them over if need be, and I think that’s what you have with Walker and what makes the most sense moving forward.

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