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Players, recruits react to Jim Harbaugh’s return to Michigan

Players and recruits are sharing their thoughts on Harbaugh coming back.

2021 Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Now that Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh is back in Ann Arbor, players and recruits alike are rejoicing in his return to the program.

Maize n Brew caught up with several players on the team and high school prospects who are being recruited by the Wolverines to get their reaction on Harbaugh coming back.

Senior TE Joel Honigford on the Blue By Ninety podcast: “I didn’t see it right away but they sent it into my group chat, the tweet from Adam Schefter, and then once that came out everybody posted everything, so it all got sent to our group chat and we were like ‘he’s coming back, cool!’

“We really had no idea. I mean, it’s his life, he doesn’t have to tell a 23-year-old kid what he’s about to do. Obviously, we’re very happy. Super happy he’s coming back. Love that guy, love playing for him.”

Freshman OL Connor Jones: “It’s a great feeling! We support him in whatever he is wanting to do! With that said, I am excited that he is staying!”

Freshman DL Mason Graham: “I’m happy that he’s coming back because there has been a lot of uncertainty. Can’t wait to work and have him as my coach.”

Freshman QB Alex Orji: “Go Blue.”

Mike Montgomery, father of 2023 four-star OL Luke Montgomery and 2025 QB Ryan Montgomery: “Jim staying is huge. If he would have left it would have been a big concern, as we thought so highly of him and his staff. Would say as long as the staff sticks together moving forward, all will be positive from our perspective.”

2023 five-star OL Samson Okunlola: “Loved that he stayed with the boys at Michigan.”

2023 in-state four-star OL Amir Herring: “Exciting news! That is good for the program. Looking forward to another successful season.”

2023 in-state four-star DL Jalen Thompson (recently named Michigan to his top 10): “Yeah it does (help with my recruitment) because they have lost a few great coaches but coach Harbaugh can help keep a things things going.”

2023 in-state four-star OL Cole Dellinger: “Yeah, its great to see him stay, it shows his dedication to the team!”