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Daily Brews: Michigan can win a national championship in 2023, per the Blue Chip Ratio

Michigan has once again shown up on the yearly list.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan has once again been listed as one of the 16 teams that can win the title, according to Bud Elliot’s annual Blue Chip Ratio for 247Sports.

As Elliot explains, college football programs, “Need to sign more four- and five-star recruits (AKA “Blue Chips”) than two- and three-star players over the previous four recruiting classes.”

The Wolverines’ ratio came in at 54 percent, meaning they’ve secured commitments from slightly more four-star and five-star recruits than two or three-stars. When you include transfers, they bump up to 55 percent.

Michigan is one of three Big Ten schools included. Factoring in transfers, Ohio State comes in at 81 percent and Penn State is ranked slightly below Michigan at 53 percent. The college football powerhouses you’d expect (Alabama at 88 percent, Georgia at 77 percent, Clemson at 70 percent) top the list.

While Elliot makes sure to mention that being above the threshold isn’t a requirement to win a national championship, every champion since 2011 has had a percentage above 50 percent on the Blue Chip Ratio.

As we’ve covered thoroughly here at Maize n Brew, recruiting has been a major strength of the football program the past few years, especially now that Jim Harbaugh led Michigan to back-to-back Ohio State victories, Big Ten championships and College Football Playoff appearances.

Of all the blue-chip recruits on Michigan’s roster currently, which ones do you think will break out in 2023? Let us know in the comments.