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How 2024’s class stacks up with recent Michigan recruiting classes

No drama, no chaos, just another class focused on winning.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Championship-Michigan at Iowa Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

The 2024 National Signing Day was one of the least stressful ever for the Michigan Wolverines. Of Michigan’s 27 commits, by the end of the day, all 27 had signed. No drama, no NIL-inspired chaos, just pen-to-paper for Michigan’s newest crop of players.

Starting with the 2021 class, the Wolverines have taken a noticeably different approach to recruiting and the results — three Big Ten Championships and three College Football Playoff appearances — are undeniable. Michigan’s approach? Find players that fit the team’s established culture first and worry about everything else second.

Understanding this philosophy, it is no surprise why Michigan is one of the few schools that has vastly limited the negative impact of the transfer portal. Of Michigan’s last three recruiting classes, only two players ranked inside the top-10 of a class — per 247Sports composite — have transferred out. Defensive tackle George Rooks and tight end Louis Hansen, both members of the 2021 class, left the program early, but both also played at two of the deepest positions on the roster.

Michigan isn’t selling recruits on NIL fantasies or hollow promises, the team is selling kids on winning; winning a fourth straight Big Ten Championship, winning a fourth straight game over Ohio State, and winning a national championship. By winning, everything else will take care of itself.

So although this class isn’t ranked toward the top of any team rankings websites, you can count on these recruits to be committed to winning above everything else and staying the course in Ann Arbor. That said, this class is sneaky talented and exciting.

Despite not having a five-star prospect, no Michigan class in the last three years has as many four-star recruits as 2024’s. Of these recruits, there appear to be several cornerstone pieces at key positions. Jadyn Davis appears to be the heir-apparent and the quarterback of the future. Running back Jordan Marshall is the first Mr. Ohio to leave for Ann Arbor since Sir Charles Woodson himself. Andrew Sprague is positioned to be the next great offensive tackle, and Jacob Oden’s leadership and recruitment of others during the cycle has written future team captain all over him.

While the Wolverines have to wait until February to find out about the potential last member of this class — wide receiver Gatlin Bair — here is how the 2024 class currently stacks up against the last three Michigan recruiting classes (all data per 247Sports composite).

2024 (27 signees; National Class Ranking: 15)

5 stars - 0

4 stars - 18

3 stars - 9

Headliners: Running Back Jordan Marshall, Quarterback Jadyn Davis, Offensive Tackle Andrew Sprague, Tight End Brady Prieskorn, Offensive Tackle Blake Frazier

2023 (25 signees; National Class Ranking: 17)

5 stars - 0

4 stars - 11

3 stars - 14

Three Early Standouts: Wide Receiver Semaj Morgan, Running Back Benjamin Hall, Wide Receiver Karmello English

2022 (22 signees; National Class Ranking: 9)

5 stars - 1

4 stars - 9

3 stars - 12

Five Standouts: Cornerback Will Johnson, Defensive Tackle Mason Graham, Defensive Tackle Kenneth Grant, Tight End Colston Loveland, Edge Derrick Moore

2021 (22 signees; National Class Ranking: 13)

5 stars - 1

4 stars - 11

3 stars - 10

Five Standouts: Quarterback J.J. McCarthy, Running Back Donovan Edwards, Safety Rod Moore, Linebacker Junior Colson, Punter Tommy Doman