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Canadian Stereotypes with Nik Stauskas

The Leafs or the Habs; a question as old as time in the great white north.

Raise your hand if you're Canadian
Raise your hand if you're Canadian
Gregory Shamus

Nik Stauskas gets some pretty weird post game questions as Michigan's resident Canadian. Hopefully the press put aside some time to ask Nik about his great game against the Wolfpack last night. He went off for 20 points, hit four of seven from deep and hit all four of his free throws. With the added range of Stauskas and GRIII, Michigan's offense has players that can consistently spread the floor and open up room for Hardaway Jr. and Burke to operate on the interior. Not to mention, both freshmen have the kind of length that helps a great deal on defense.

Also, I feel like I need to start a notebook of times that someone younger than me doesn't know about some piece of pop culture from my youth which makes me say, "I feel old". Seriously, a Canadian doesn't know who Alanis Morrisette is?

Now that's iron--

Eh, I'll stop.